A Pigeon That Looks Like…

Susan Boyle. Uncanny.

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Fat Eddie and the Pasty Dance

Check this out for a bit of urban eating action. The Marylebone Station Cornish Pasty free-for-all. Fat Eddie hangs out there all the time.

“Mostly it’s just bits of pastry,” he said, “but sometimes you’re talking mince, cheese, warm veg. Once I got the whole lot. Bloody marvelous.”

Then he showed me how it’s done.

“See, all I do is slip in under here… Like this…”

Nicely done Eddie.

“Result!” He said, coming out with a slice of carrot topped with runny cheese.

But then he showed me how he celebrates. Oh dear. It’s called ‘The Pasty Dance’.

This is it. The Pasty Dance:


He wanted me to join in. Needless to say I politely declined.

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Brian Pigeon Is UK’s Number 1 Pet Blogger!

Couple of really good things happened today. First off, I spent the morning hanging out with Daring Dave at Richmond Station. Remember him?

Here he is preparing for his ‘Spike Drop’. This is the one where he lowers himself onto the spikes:

Impressive stuff. Sadly I missed the actual lowering due to the length of time he had to prepare.

The second thing was I found out I’d been voted number 1 in the UK’s Top 50 Pet Bloggers. Kid you not.

Nice one. Cheers!

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A Pigeon That Still Looks Like…

Boris Johnson.

Got this from the Pigeon Blog archives. Posted it back in 2008 when he was going for Mayor last time. Looking a bit older and fatter these days but just as mad, and I’m still convinced his hair is a wig.

Check this link for more Pigeons That Look Like!

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Calling All Davids – The Aftermath

Finally managed to recover from a serious night out with The Davids. I never knew Davids partied so hard. Jesus. One thing led to another and, before I knew it, the fact everyone was called David was absolutely hilarious. All of them shouting, “Dave. Oi. Dave.” Pissed ourselves for hours. I’m sure anyone else knocking about who wasn’t called Dave would have found the whole event quite annoying.

This is the best I can do as photographic evidence. David (from Peckham?), absolutely off his nut. Said he’d been saving himself for the Calling All Davids party ever since he heard about it on St David’s Day last year:

Tragic, but fair play.

I’m seriously thinking of changing my name to David. Clearly the way to go. Bring on the Davids.

Anyone wondering what Daring Dave was doing, wonder no more. Apparently he was clinging to the underside of a pod on the Millennium Wheel all night. Mental.

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Calling All Pigeons Called David

Came across this today. Can’t believe I haven’t heard of it before.

In celebration of St David’s day, and especially if you’re Welsh, pigeons called David get together in Soho Square. Mental. Never seen to many Davids.

See this lot?:

All Davids. Every one of them.

And this lot…:

Mostly Davids with a couple of Daves. To be honest, I never knew there were so many pigeons called David.

Dave from Manchester (middle) said it’s probably a record breaking event and we should try to get into the Guinness Book of Records – the largest single gathering of pigeons called David. Genius.

Thankfully, only a couple of Welsh had bothered to turn up:

That’s David from Cardiff on the left, and David from Swansea on the right.

I asked them how long they were down for. They said they only came for the rugby last weekend, but decided to stay on when they heard about the Calling All Davids get together.

The event got a whole lot funnier when Mart pulled a moody one because I refused to call him David:


So, I’m on the hunt for a St Brian’s Day. There must be one somewhere… Get hammered with a bunch of pigeons all called Brian. Bring it on.

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