Hitchcock Eaten By Birds

Mandy Thomas sent me this – cheers Mandy!

Got me thinking though, how come there weren’t any pigeons in The Birds? Far as I can remember it’s mainly sea gulls.


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Pigeon Stars In Notting Hill Carnival Poster

This is the poster for this year’s Notting Hill Carnival.

Bring it on:


Love to get hold of a parrot costume.

Cheers everyone for sending it!

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The Lovely Frenchy

So, not really any excuses for the slackness in posting. Time’s just moving a bit faster, that’s all. Is it the same for everyone? Jesus. One minute it’s Christmas, the next it’s summer, five minutes later, it’s Christmas again. What happened to the shit in between?

Mart asked me the other day if I was thinking of going back to Paris, maybe for New Year? First off, there’s no way I want to be thinking about New Year in August, and second off, I’d rather not think about Paris either. Thought of it makes my feathers curl, or at the very least, sweat a little bit.

She was lovely though, the lovely Frenchy. Didn’t speak a word of English, not that it mattered.

To be honest, I’m not even sure that her name was Frenchy. It sounded a bit like Frenchy, so I just started calling her ‘Frenchy’. She didn’t seem to mind.

This is her. The one in the middle:

Cute as.

Oh well. You love some, you loose some.

Saying that, reckon the language barrier would have got to me in the end.

I’ve not heard anything from her since I’ve been back anyway. Not a coo. I tried to get her on the keyboard while I was over there, but she wasn’t having any of it. Just thought emailing might be fun, not that she could have sent anything other than:


Still, it would have been nice to hear from her.

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