About Me: Brian Pigeon

My name is Brian Pigeon, and I am London’s premier blogging pigeon. I live in Brighton now by the seaside, but don’t hold it against me.

Pigeon Blog is my online diary.

A bona fide urban pigeon who’s been telling it how it is for pigeons everywhere since 2006.

You can also follow me on Twitter – @brianpigeon

And, if you’re interested, I got me a Facebook page too – Brian Pigeon.

Make sure you get the right one tho coz the other one’s an impostor.

I’m the one who looks like this:


Your pal

Brian Pigeon- keepin’ it real for pigeons everywhere.


  1. carlos replied:


    • Frankie the Mankee mankster* replied:

      Hard news from the South London Mankee community.

      The other week when I was hitting up trackside , I noticed a fallen soldier on the tracks at Norwood Junction.


      It was only today that I realised is was’nt a brother of mine getting up and stating his name.

      I paid a visit to the underpass shelves at Norwood Junction and found a limited community choked by Chicken wire. Struggling to find a place to call home.

      It was then I was told by her local and broken hearted mankster neighbour’s that Doris went missing over a week ago gathering food on the Platforms and tracks at Norwood Junction.

      She was found dead several days later on them very station tracks, Both her chicks starved.

      R.I.P Doris.

  2. Sugarbirdy replied:

    Awesome blog. Nobody could do it better.

    -reader from California

  3. pigeonblog replied:

    Carlos: Cheers!
    Your pal Brian P

    Sugarbirdy: Nice one – thanks. Are you really a reader from California? Not from Venice Beach in LA are you?!
    Your pal Bri P

  4. Beth replied:

    Rock on. This is a sweet blog. I’ve got a couple of cool sites you should check out… coffee dedicated to pigeons http://www.pigeonespresso.com and http://www.shoprma.com/pigeonx/index.htm… the homing pigeons that work for a raft company. It’s a cool setup.

    B to the P

  5. Tourism Guide replied:

    Accommodations offers, ski offers, photos, travel maps, travel tips, monasteries and touristic objectives.

  6. pigeonblog replied:

    Beth: Sorry, pal. Just checked this comment! Cheers for the links! Love pigeon espresso.
    Your pal Brian P

    Deniz: You sound like spam – but I’m not sure…
    Your pal Bri P

    Tourism Guide: You are spam – no question about it – but I left you in coz it’s fucking funny that you think plugging monasteries as tourist objectives might appeal to a pigeon.
    Brian Pigeon
    P.S. Don’t spam me again – you listening?

  7. szymon replied:

    hey, you know i have that pigeon baby on my balcony where i just moved and i wonder how much time it takes for a pigeon to raise until it can fly away. because i just can`t wait to enter my balcony and right now it`s not possible because the pigeon is almost getting a heart attack when i`m approaching him/her. let me know if you have an idea. cheers

  8. pigeonblog replied:

    syzmon: Sadly it takes as long as it takes. Sometimes weeks, sometimes longer. Depends how lazy they are!
    Your pal Bri P

  9. rainbowmystery replied:

    Very nice blog! Love to read it

  10. free wordpress replied:

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  11. Rodog replied:

    Love it! Sending you a hearty Michigan, USA greeting from all the pigeon’s on the wires!!

  12. Terrible Tory Girl replied:

    Oh Brian I love your blog – it’s bloody hilarious! Thanks for the chuckles.

  13. pigeonblog replied:

    Terrible Tory Girl: Cheers! Great name too by the way.
    Your pal

  14. Anna Dove replied:

    Hey Brian, please send me your email address. I will add your blog to our I Love Pigeons link on our blog People for Pigeons.


  15. pigeonblog replied:

    Anna: Sure thing! Have dropped you an email!
    Your pal
    Bri P

  16. Alasdair replied:

    Came across this ( http://ivorydrive.deviantart.com/art/Pigeon-42156147 ) and thought of you 😉


  17. LJ Rich replied:

    Hey Brian, I’m pretty certain the tree outside my place is some kind of pigeon hotel – by my reckoning they must have about 30 rooms and satellite TV, the amount of birds flying in and out of it at all hours – perhaps it’s a tree of ill repute?
    Fabulous blog by the way – have subscribed immediately!! LJ x

  18. pigeonblog replied:

    LJ: Nice one. Cheers. Where do you live? I’m on my way!
    Your pal
    Brian P

  19. blogit1 replied:

    Hi Brian,

    I want to subscribe to your blogg- but cant find the RSS feed!

    Please advise…

    Cheers x

  20. Patty replied:

    Really enjoy your blog, had not really thought of seeing things through a pigeon’s perspective.

    I kinda like ’em. Some of the finer moments in my life have been witnessed by pigeons.

    Have you ever flown across the Abbey Road crosswalk? Or perhaps been to the markets at Notting Hill?

    Your admirer from across the Big Pond,

  21. pigeonblog replied:

    Patty: Cheers! Yeah. Notting Hill used to be a bit of a hang out back in the day. Great market throwaway to be had every weekend. As for St John’s Wood, I have not just flown it, I chanced it once with a gentle stroll. Seeing as a pigeon using a crossing is not the done thing over here, the cars failed to stop so I didn’t make it all the way. Still glad I gave it a try though!
    Your pal
    Brian P

  22. Philip Eno replied:

    Splendid blog, keep the good work up.

    I wonder have you in close proximity to the new Mayor of London Boris Johnson recently and passed an opinion?


  23. pigeonblog replied:

    Philip Eno: Cheers! Not close enough, yet… I got an email from his PR guy when he was running for office. Radio silence since tho. Typical.
    Your pal

  24. betsy lerner replied:

    I love your writing. I’m a lit agent. Should we talk about your pigeon opus? If you have an agent, I am offically jealous. Betsy

  25. Philippa replied:

    Kirsty told me to check out your blog. Probably because you shat on my head once and even though I only live 50 metres away from where Kirsty works I went in there to have the shit washed off my head. Kirsty wasn’t very amused. I think she thought I should go home and wash my own hair. But she did it. I was traumatised. However good pigeons are at Shakespeare it is still traumatising when they shit on your head. Anyway I think K has forgiven me as she still does my hair years after the shit on head incident but it was only last week that we could talk about pigeons again. Time heals. Watch where you go…

  26. pigeonblog replied:

    betsy lerner: Cheers for your lovely comment. I have got an agent, crazy tho it sounds. Thanks so much for your interest.
    Your pal
    Brian P

    Phillipa: Apols for the head shit. Can’t help it (most of the time). Glad time heals tho. Pigeon trauma ain’t good.
    Your pal
    Bri P

  27. Check Out London replied:

    Hey there,

    Just added your blog to my blogroll. Would be glad if you added me in yours too.



  28. pigeonblog replied:

    Check Out London: Nice one. Will do.
    Your pal
    Bri P

  29. Helen replied:

    Hi Brian, do you have both your feet?

  30. pigeonblog replied:

    Helen: Thankfully for me, yes I do!
    Your pal
    Bri P

  31. JaMo Garcia replied:

    The astounding brilliance of Brian Pigeon has overtaken my mind tonight.

    Parrots vs. Pigeons? just finished reading “Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates” by Tom Robbins. Give that one a spin if you’re so inclined. (my guess is you would enjoy it)

  32. pigeonblog replied:

    JaMo Garcia: And check it out I shall. Cheers!
    Your pal
    Bri P

  33. sena replied:

    yup i think i love you.

    -sena (all the way out in los angeles)

  34. pigeonblog replied:

    sena: Chuffed as. Cheers!
    Have to say, always fancied a bit of a stint in LA…
    Your pal
    Bri P

  35. sena replied:

    oh you should definitely fly on in when the rain is done.
    there is a real lack of pigeon appreciation over here.

  36. sena replied:

    oh you should definitely fly on in when the rain is done.
    there is a real lack of pigeon appreciation over here.


  37. pigeonblog replied:

    sena: And plenty of sunshine so I hear. Bring it on!
    Your pal

  38. Bu Yousef replied:

    Love the blog – and the photos are really good.
    Added you to my reading list. Thanks.

  39. pigeonblog replied:

    Bu Yousef: Cheers again. Nice one!
    Your pal
    Bri P

  40. Mr.Steier replied:

    Hello Brian,

    I am glad your site exists! It is nice to see pigeon fans out there.

  41. Heather replied:

    Great blog. Do you get Sesame Street in the UK? I loved this when I was a kid: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=VDJsgtoizj8

  42. Unless your cat can type, he doesn’t need a profile page. - ZooLoo - Are you Ready To ZooLoo? replied:

    […] understand having a crazy online persona for your evil twin. But do you really need to know what a day in the life of a pigeon is like? Answer: I […]

  43. debbie replied:

    I have had a beautiful white pigeon make my gazebo his home. He has a tag on his ankle, so we know he belongs to someone. We cannot very near him to see if his tag has a name on it. Can you give me any suggestions on what to do? He seems to be very afraid.

  44. pigeonblog replied:

    Can’t believe I missed these comments. Sorry guys. My bad!

    Mr Steier: Cheers! Great name too!
    Your pal
    Brian P

    Heather: Think so, although just the word sesame gets me going. Best seeds in the world. Will check it out. Cheers for the link!
    Your pal
    Bri P

    debbie: Hmmmm. Guess you’ve already solved this one… Usually just a gentle story helps in this kind of situation. Perhaps Snow White?
    Your pal
    Bri P

    Sorry again for not getting back to you all!

  45. shanshanigans replied:

    Super funny! I love feeding the pigeons in the park. Let me ask, what’s some of your favorite foods?

    • pigeonblog replied:

      Anything carb based really. Pizza top’s great, without the sweetcorn of course. Can’t be doing with that. Nasty stuff.

  46. South London Pigeon replied:

    Hello Brian,

    Love the site.

    Summer’s nearly here isn’t it. On Saturday I flew down to the coast and back, got caught in the rain and hail but it was still a great day.

    South London Pigeon

  47. David D'Arcy replied:

    Dear Brian
    I shall look out for you while driving my cab, its people like you that keep us sane (well, there are some sane cabbies). Great site have linked it on my blog.

  48. jazz pidgeon replied:

    some friendly human fans doin thier bit for the cause http://peopleforpigeons.blogspot.com/2008/02/pigeon-genius-brilliant-beasts-national.html

  49. Larry Henson replied:

    Hello Brian,

    Liked the New Yorker pigeon cartoon.

    I’m from San Antonio, Texas, live in Cologne, been to London, Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford, Brighton several times, might be moving to Antwerp soon.

    I rescue and re-hab feral pigeons. Have helped 20-30 of them recover.

    An excellent source of info for your readers, if they need help or advice or want to discuss anything related to pigeons, doves, and even other birds and the occasional other animal in need of rescue, is:


  50. Percy the Pigeon replied:

    I wondered if you would like to be pals with Percy 🙂 Percy the pigeon is a pigeon on a mission, helping children affected by bullying.

    I have the Priviledge of your follow on twitter 🙂

  51. Jane replied:

    Holy cow this is hilarious. I’m a scientist who studies animal behavior (including those pesky invasive parrots giving you trouble at the club), and I am refering my students to this site! Insightful, funny…thank you. You made my day!


    • pigeonblog replied:

      Cheers Jane! Sorry not to reply sooner. I’m a bit rubbish at checking the messages on this page! Pigeon on.
      Your pal

  52. King Pigeon Jr. replied:

    Hi fellow,

    I’m writting a summary of pigeon appearances in films.



    King Pigeon Jr.

  53. London Personal Trainer replied:

    Brian – do you know any pigeons in Regent’s Park? I work outdoors in the parks all day and wonder if you can have a word with the divebombers!

  54. Marie replied:

    Brian–Some friends and I just got together to watch Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. How do you feel about the association the film makes between pigeons and Professor Moriarty?

    • pigeonblog replied:

      I think any association between the pigeon and a hi profile drama can only be a good thing. Decent PR is something we’re generally lacking. Saying that, I’d obviously rather it was Holmes who was into the pigeons, being the hero an all.
      Your pal

  55. Pigeonpka8 replied:

    Why fly when you can take the tube!
    Btw watch out for pelicans

  56. chris replied:

    Brian… I know its late but I have a problem you may be able to help with. No not that problem… I have a cream for that now but thank you very much for bringing THAT up in public. No its the cam belt tensioner behind the dobson joint, underneath the helix thrivet on my 1989 Vauxhall Cor-sa…its makin a bangy ka-thung-thung noise. Any thoughts…? … well relevant thoughts I mean… obviously, you have thoughts… I think… ooo I had a thought!!! Look at me! Did you see? DID YOU SEE???
    Your unkown, very quiet, best mate

    • pigeonblog replied:

      Not that I know anything about cars, but can’t you just take it to something called ‘a garage’? I thought places like that were full of people wanting to help with cars.
      Your pal
      Brian Pigeon

  57. dalecooper57 replied:

    Loving your TV debut last night Brian, very informative.

  58. burnadette the budgie replied:

    Hello Brian
    Congratulations on your new fame…. I was watching the Unnatural world of London lastnight and you were on there… How does your new found fame feel.. My owners didnt know I was watching but I was amazed how well you plan everything and organise such huge events with pigeons from all over the world. I am a budgie, but hope one day I can be as big and clecer and brave as you Brian.
    Burnadette the Budgie. x

    • pigeonblog replied:

      It’s a bit odd today. Pigeons keep coming up to me asking for my autograph. The fact you’ve mastered a keyboard with such small toes makes you the bravest budgie I know by a long way.
      Your new pal

  59. Burnadatte replied:

    Thanks Brian for your reply and kind words… Im not brave like you but am persistant and eventually I tend to learn new skills. Plus my owner tends to be on the computer alot so I have watched how she type… (i think that is what it is called!) I am suprised it is just pigeons, I think you are the hero of the winged world… we are no long a nuisance but we are a kingdom and important in this world.

    Anyway, I am just about to munch in to my breakfast of Letuce and Millet. What a treat I have got!

    Hope you are well Brian and lease dont change, fame and riches does funny things to birds!
    Burnie x

  60. Talwin replied:

    Hi Brian. Came here via Anna Raccoon’s blog. She recommended you a couple of days ago. Don’t know whether you know but her blogs’s quite big shit, often read by the great and the good. So you could end up with an OBE or something.

  61. KevinMai (@KevinMai11) replied:

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  62. Nico replied:

    Hello! I just wanted to tell you that this is the most wonderful blog in the world. Have a good day c:

  63. Alyksandra, love of pigeons replied:

    Brian, I love you. You’re my favorite London-dwelling pigeon. *gives hopeful, glittery, fangirly gaze*

  64. kurriminebeachmotel replied:

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  65. The London Creature replied:

    Your blog is beyond hilarious. Instant follow.

  66. Jing D replied:

    Nice blog! Are there many people in London have pegions?

  67. Ami replied:

    Dear Brian,
    please marry me.

    xoxo Ami

  68. superfolderrobby replied:

    Like this comment if you are here because of PBG!

  69. WT replied:

    Hi Brian,
    Hatoful boyfriend brought me here. I’ve read some of your posts and can see why you’re a highly respected, Pulitzer-winning bird in the avian community. Please keep posting!

    Reader and occasional VN gamer from Singapore

  70. Mr Bumpy Cat replied:

    My human just found your blog after playing “Hatoful Boyfriend”. You certainly look a healthy, plump, delicious…. ah… love your blog.

    • pigeonblog replied:

      Welcome Mr Bumpy Cat! Cheers for the comment.
      Your pal, Brian.

  71. Xin replied:

    I am utterly astounded and delighted that this is a real blog. It boggles my mind that this came out so many years ago before Hatoful Boyfriend – has your traffic increased dramatically since the game/visual novel had a western release?

  72. reza replied:


  73. Pudding replied:

    Do you have an Instagram account Mr. Pigeon?

  74. Mark Dougal replied:

    Hi Lisa, my name’s Mark, I live in Hove and I’m writing a children’s fantasy book about pigeons in London. I would really love to meet you to tap your brains about the extraordinary ways of our feathered friends! I’m on Facebook as Mark Dougal, telephone 07990572542 email dougal_mark@yahoo.co.uk. I hope you get this. Mark

  75. Thoticus cokroach replied:

    I love you so much! You’ve been a huge inspiration for me throughout my life and your blogs have kept me going even through the hard times in my life. I don’t know where I’d be without you cheering me on. Please buy me shampoo.

  76. Lauren Fadel replied:

    Hi Brian pigeon! Just discovered you while doing a video on your game. What a delight to come across the world’s smartest pigeon! I’m a human from Tacoma Washington. Cheers!

  77. Robotnik replied:


  78. Jakeumus rodrickus replied:

    Brian is my hero

  79. Boomer replied:

    I cried

  80. Assunta replied:

    Thrilled to meet Brian. While temporarily living in Amsterdam, I noticed all the different beautiful markings on the pigeons and hoped somebody else out there had noticed these interesting, so often disrespected birds

  81. Brian Humphrey replied:


  82. Gino Tirino Lizzi replied:

    Hy Brian you are my favourite pigeon in the world!!!

  83. thinking of brian pigeon - miles replied:

    we love you brian!!!!

  84. Idi Ameen replied:

    Great Article

  85. Kakaduu replied:

    Hello Brian, we are the avian artist tandem Kakaduu (www.kakaduuart.wordpress.com), we love reading your blog! We used to live and work in London, but we’re based in Berlin now, and we’ve found out there’s a nice campaign going here by the name of #RespektTaube, or RespectThePigeon: https://www.tierschutzbund.de/aktion/kampagnen/artenschutz/taubenschutz-kampagne/ ! We’ll definitely be supporting it!

  86. Caleb SADGE replied:

    Brian I love your work!

  87. your_mum69 replied:

    this is beautiful brian

    please date me brian

  88. Ali replied:

    Who else learned this from ranboo? \ (^ – ^) /

    • Alex replied:

      me I just came here from the Ranboo VOD

      • Ash replied:

        So did I lol

  89. Ransom replied:

    I was just in Mandeville and I think I saw a sign from the impostor. Bryan Pigeon. A human realtor.
    I can’t believe he would commit identity theft.

  90. The Life of a Blog - London News Station replied:

    […] published under a Creative Commons Licence was deleted when he went on an academic quest. And Brian the Pigeon has now ceased to give us his view of […]

  91. Pidgeonlover111 replied:

    You’re epic

    • Assunta replied:

      Brian Pigeon, you don’t have to explain yourself visiting Brighton. I reckon the birdynums there are epic. Show us some pics of your adventures

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