Pigeon On A Train

Check out the nonchalant travel behavior of this dude:

Considering the state of the weather in London these days, I’m thinking a return to tube travel might be the way forward.

Fuck this flying malarkey.

Although not always terribly reliable, particularly at weekends, it’s free and a damn site warmer than the air.

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Pigeon On A Urinal

The sun is shining over Soho Square. It’s Saturday.

What better thing to do than… sit on a urinal? WTF?

But that’s exactly what Philip decided to do:

“Phil, mate, what the fuck? Doesn’t it stink of piss up there?”

As it turns out, Phil’s nasal passages were damaged years ago after becoming trapped by the chord of a hairdryer.

“It was right next to a pile of shit. Nightmare. I was stuck there for hours. Couldn’t move.” He said. “Had to hold my breath for that long, nothing ever smelt the same again.”

Phil describes this affliction as a ‘gift’ as it means he has practically all of London’s urinals at his disposal.

“It’s great. Wherever I go, I can always find a place to sit. Sometimes, they can be quite warm too.”

Smell or no smell, mate, rather you than me!

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Pigeons From Around The World In Everyday Situations

Here are a couple of pigeons from around the world in an everyday situation looking out over a big pond in St. Albans.

Nice view.

Great pic.

Cheers for sending it, Katie McCullough!

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Pigeons From Around The World In Everyday Situations

Now here’s somewhere I wouldn’t mind hanging out, not least because of the name – Chattanooga Tennessee, USA – kid you not.

Pippin and Crumpet clearly loving everything about their posh perch:

Who wouldn’t?

Looks like the sun shines over there too..

Cheers for sending it, Nicole!

Nice one.

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Pigeons On A Red Car

So bored were we the other day, sat in Soho Square, when Mart goes: “You lot, see that red car over there? How many of us do you reckon we can get on it?”

Without thinking, off we flew. One big mad fucking scramble just to see how many pigeons we could get on a red car.

I reckon it’s got to be a record. Is there one? The number of pigeons you can get on a red car? If not, there should be.

This is Phil coming in to land:

Bob legged it. Not surprised. It was all getting a bit close for comfort up there.

This is us at the end of it:

A tough pose to hold. Genius.

Love the look on Ed front right. Stayed put in the same spot the whole time. Fair play.

Simon, on the other hand, didn’t see the point of it at all:

“Ridicolous behaviour.” He kept saying, over and over again.

To be honest, I kinda suspected it was because he didn’t have the bollocks, literally.

Your loss, mate.

Best fun we’ve had in years.

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Russian Pigeon Amongst The Cats

Check this out. A Russian pigeon giving it large to the cats.

He is either pissed, blind, or a total mentalist:

Probably a mentalist.

Cheers for sending it, Jon!

This is where it came from.

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The Trouble With Cats

The trouble with cats is they’re sneaky fuckers, take this one for example:

Genius pic.

Cheers for sending it, Steve!

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Twat In A Rather Nice Hat

Had to post this. Fucking hilarious.

Me and Ed were out and about today, rare in itself considering the shitness of the weather lately, when we saw this:

Some twat wearing what has to be the worst hat I have ever seen.

More than likely flew down from Camden.

Twats in hats are everywhere in Camden these days, apparently.

Anyway, Ed goes tottering up to him just as he was about to tuck into what looked like a flattened turd:

“I say”, said Ed. “That’s a rather fine hat you’re wearing. Might I ask where you acquired it?”

Pissed myself.

The twat in question, clearly realising his headware was a grave error on the streets of Soho, did a runner:

Leaving us with what turned out to be a somewhat tasty, albeit slightly soggy, slice of croissant.

Twat. That’ll teach you to wear a hat!

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