Pigeons Against Pollution

Hate to say it but I was very excited about an MP called Caroline Pidgeon, until I discovered she wasn’t actually a pigeon. Talk about false representation. There’s nothing pigeon about her whatsoever. Word is she’s pro the spike. Enough said.

Strangely it also coincided with a re-emergence of the use of pigeons to measure air pollution. WTF? Yet again we’re forced to take to the skies wearing backpacks in order to test the air. You’re kidding, right? Bang out of order. Volunteers my arse.

Weird thing is I wrote about it back in 2006 when they sent a load of back-packed pigeons up and over San Jose, California, one of the rankest place on earth.

The ‘Simple Sniff Test’ was the result. My invention. No need for backpacks and chaffing straps, just open your beak, have a sniff, and let me know. Simple as that.

Anyone out there up for joining in? Sniff wherever you are, and let me know what it smells like. You can send your results to brianpigeon AT gmail DOT com.

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The Squirrels Are Getting Larger

Finally something worth reporting. So far 2016 has got off to a very slow start. Practically stationary. The weather has generally been shitter than I’ve seen it for years with not a frosty morning in sight. Just pretty much wall to wall rain and the odd dollop of sunshine. In all fairness, there’s also the fact I’m getting older now so not quite as agile about town. In days gone by it used to be I’d fly all over the City searching for blog-worthy stories. Now, generally speaking, news stories tend to come to me, like this one, and anything involving the potential demise of the aggressive urban squirrel is certainly worthy of attention.

A few years ago, a story I covered in detail was squirrels and their ninja-like ways. I kid you not. Suddenly out of nowhere they all appeared to be partaking in serious combat training:

Scary shit.

Everywhere you looked there were squirrels working out pumping peanuts. This was about the time they also started demonstrating some serious attitude towards almost all other parklife.

Things got so bad I even started a campaign called Operation Stop The Squirrel that went down quite well. Click on the link to read more.

I had noticed that in recent years the squirrels have been lying low, and now I know why.

Turns out all this warm weather has encouraged them eat more, and more, and more. And the more they eat, the less they want to do. For some, even walking, has become a struggle. I heard one got stuck in a tree the other day and had to be cut out. Not cool.

It looks like morbid obesity has landed in the squirrel world.

Warning – Some of you may find these images disturbing:




Wouldn’t want to meet this on a dark night!


How times change. Saying that, perhaps it’s their strategy that’s changed? Maybe their approach is now more sumo style? Knock your opponent to the ground and just sit on them?? Doesn’t bear thinking about!

Whatever it is, I’m not sure it’s going to work out for them as pretty soon living in trees will be a thing of the past and our parks will be full of huge great squirrels snoring under bushes. Nice.

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