Bert and Ernie, and Bernice

Here we have a clip that not only clearly demonstrates the intellectual capabilities of the pigeon, but also our propensity towards being the most excellent board game players. Cheers to Bert and Ernie for spotting that potential in Bernice.

Check it out:

Following her success at checkers (much to their annoyance, she subsequently thrashed Bert and Ernie several times), Bernice went on to master the art of both chess, and mahjong, and is still considered to be one of the most successful gaming pigeons of all time.

Cheers for sending me the link, Jenny! Nice one.

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WTF is that?

Following our recent invention of the game ‘What the fuck is that?’, Mart and me decided to put it to the test.

Mart goes: ‘Oi – boys, check out the seed!’

Straight away, a whole bunch came flying over looking more than a little excited.

Tucked in straight away:

Then, one by one they realised it wasn’t seed. Just a bit of worn down yellow line:


Check out the pal at the back – “Er, what the fuck?”

Pissed ourselves.

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Pigeon v Sparrow

It’s not often that one meets a sparrow with balls, but check this little fella out:


No wonder the dude at the back is looking bemused.

Sent to me by Steve. Cheers, Steve!

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Never Trust A Turtle

I always thought turtles were quite nice.

A bit slow perhaps, and a tad boring, but otherwise cool.

This just shows how wrong one can be. Jesus!:

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Frances – The Pigeon Of Plenty

Have to say, it’s not very often that I fancy a male pigeon, but Frances. I would.

Thankfully, not many pigeons read this, but I would.

Regardless of whether you agree or not, it’s a good story:

“Frances is an affectionate, irresistible white king pigeon who loves to follow Elizabeth Young around the house, pitter-pattering after her like a feathery dog. But he wasn’t always that way. Young, a San Francisco resident and accidental king pigeon rescuer, shares Frances’ story and the heartrending plight of these beautiful birds.”

Click here to read more.

This is Fraces, by the way:


Enough said, and swiftly moving on to a bit of light entertainment.

This was sent to me by Luke Jackson.

It’s the vid he made for a song called ‘Goodbye London’, shot in London and featuring yours truly in the opening sequence. Okay, so it’s not me exactly, but that’s probably what I’d tell Frances.

Anyway, here it is:

Nice one, Luke.

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Another Splendid Bread Necklace

Steve sent me this. Cheers, Steve!

Strangely, I decided to I look her up. Suspected she probably had something to do with that bunch of freaks I met in Kings Cross a while back, and I wasn’t wrong.

Also turns out she didn’t care what I said, because she thought it was lovely. Gave up telling her otherwise in the end. It was getting embarrassing.

Anyhow, there she is. Emily sporting what she thought was ‘rather lovely’.

Not very photgenic either, sadly.

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Patrick Wolf Loves The Pigeon

Okay, so he might be a bit of a weirdo, but it turns out Patrick Wolf is big on the pigeon, so much so that he wrote a song called ‘The Pigeon Song’.

Here are some of the words:

“I’ve been going alone
To the cinema
I’ve been stealing all my food
From the electric avenue
Now the pigeons gather
Round my feeding hand.
And we talk til the evening fades.”


If you’re off to Latitude for a right soaking this weekend, go check him out. You never know, he might be playing in a tent.

In the meantime; Sit back, relax, and enjoy – ‘The Pigeon Song’:

Btw – anyone know the whereabouts of Electric Avenue…?

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Pigeons From Around The World In Everyday Situations

Check out this scary fuck from Croatia sent to me by Denis, who aptly titled it Beelzebub:

Jesus. Remind me to give Croatia the wide berth.

That said, if he’s just just polishing off what is standard fare for the Croatian pigeon, bring it on!

Cheers for sending it, Denis!

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Freeeeeeeeeeaks of the Weeeeeeek

Fucking hundreds of them. Kid you not.

Easily the largest single collection of total and utter freeeeeeeaks I have ever seen.

What surprised me the most is they appear to show no shame.

It’s the stuff of  nightmares, I tell you.

Check it out.

Warning: the following clip shows scenes of a most disturbing nature that some of you may find both frightening and unsettling:

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It’s All Occurring in EC1

Check me and my up-to-the-minute London news. If anyone out there’s not got anything better to do with their day, haul your arse down to EC1 coz it’s kickin’ off, big style.

Bit of sunshine, a few Italian type food stalls, and some live music. Nice.

Here’s the scran layout for starters:

Loads of landing ops with plenty of room for some rear-entry under-the-table action. If played right, it has the potential for one big free-for-all for the pigeon.

Few of us rocked up earlier to check it out, and, let me tell you, we weren’t disappointed.

Here’s Mart giving it large in front of the barrier on Exmouth Market:

Then, a couple of us scored some crispy style bread bits just outside Strada:

Could have been some of last night’s shit. Not sure and, frankly, not that bothered.

And this is Ed getting ready to watch the parade:

Getting a little over-excited, some might say.

All in all, providing it doesn’t piss it down, I reckon it’s got the promise of a top day out written all over it.

Bring it on.

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Dean Street Is Burning Down

Okay, so not quite the whole of Dean Street, but a bit of it.

In fact, it’s happening right now.

Would have given you a proper pigeons pov but, frankly, it was a bit too fucking hot.

Dean Street

Dean Street 2

Here’s hoping it doesn’t spread to Beak Street.

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Pigeons From Around The World In Everyday Situations

This time, it’s a couple of hurdy gurgys from Finland going about their business on a beach in Helsinki:

Seurasaari walk 052

Cheers for sending it, Bob!

Dude at the front is called Pekka, apparently.

Reckons he met me a couple of years back.

Have to say, he does look rather familiar…

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Pigeons From Around The World In Everyday Situations

Based on the fact I keep getting sent pictures of pigeons in normal everyday situations from around the world, I’ve decided to do a series of posts called, ‘Pigeons From Around The World In Everyday Situations’.

First off, here’s a gang hanging out in Oslo sent to me by Glen. Cheers, Glen! I wasn’t entirely sure where Oslo was, so I looked it up. It’s here. For any that could ever be arsed, it’s not far as the crow flies.

Anyway, it was taken in a particularly rough part of town called Gronland. Apparently the dudes were attracted by the smell emanating from the Fisk&Vilt (Norwegian for Fish&Wild) barbeque. Didn’t get much of a look in though as the joint is heavily patrolled by large mustached bouncers who promptly kicked them out on account of their piss poor table manners.


Any of you out there want to send me your pics of pigeons from around the world in everyday situations, email them to brianpigeon AT gmail DOT com.

Nice one.

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A Pigeon That Looks Like…


Andy Murray.

So fast, he blurs himself.

Dedicated to my pal Murray who is winging it down at Wimbledon right now, which is a shame seeing as it looks like it’s about to piss it down.

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Don’t Stare At The Pigeons

don't stare atpigeons

Never mind giving those who don’t get a second glance a deep rooted sense of inferiority often coupled with complex body image issues.

Cheers for sending it, Josh!

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