Boxing Day Winter Wonderland

Christmas came and went in the blink of an eye. We decided against Winter Wonderland on the day itself due to the fact it was closed. Besides, I was far too busy figuring out how to turn the champagne cork Mart gave me into a chair. He said it was supposed to be good for the back, but it didn’t come with any instructions, so I’ve got no fucking clue what to do with it other than look at it. Sitting on it just hurts. Least if it had a cushioned top it would be better, or a piece of foam at the very least.

I gave him a matchbox for storage. Far more useful, apart from when he tried to see if the strike still worked and nearly set his toe on fire.

We ended up spending most of the day on the ledge in the end. Quite a quiet one, but all good. Then, on Boxing day, we hit Winter Wonderland. It was mental. So mental in fact that the only pic we managed to get was this one. A mate of Mart’s called Eddy took it.

A moody silhouette of the two of us against the Big Wheel:

Not bad considering Eddy had never used a camera before.

It was way too busy for us to cash in on any leftovers, so we headed back to town. Still, good to have seen it.

Now we’re trying to figure out what to do for New Year’s Eve. Trick is to stay as far away from Trafalgar Square as possible. Way too many out-of-towners for my liking. I know I broke the rule recently at the Carol Concert and quite enjoyed it, but once a month is enough. NYE on the Square normally gets quite messy too. Eddy and Mart want to throw a party. Based on their previous attempts, it could be a disaster. Watch this space.

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Happy Christmas Everyone

So far, it’s turning out to be a cracking one.

Yesterday we hit the Christmas Market in Kingston. Despite the pissing rain, it rocked.

We even managed to find a half decent puddle of mulled wine:

Bring it on.

Here’s Alf looking a little worse for wear:

Then Doug, one of the Richmond lot, spotted it. A massive chunk of something.

Not too sure what it was, but there was quite a lot of it, and it tasted sweet as:

Far as tomorrow goes, not sure what’s occurring yet. Mart suggested Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.

We’ll see.

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Marble Arch Christmas Carol Concert

Mart and me wanted to do something different this Christmas. Rather than avoid any large gathering of pigeons like we normally do, we decided to join them.

Every year, round about the 21st of December, pigeons from all over the country get together at Marble Arch to celebrate Christmas with a festive sing-along. To be honest, it’s more just a noise rather than actual singing. The songs include traditional carols like The Holly and The Ivy, and also some of the more recent ones like Walking In The Air. Course we change it to Flying In The Air. Walking in the air? WTF? Why would we do that? Anyway, turns out we’ve been wrong all these years. Top day out, and a right laugh.

This was everyone still turning up:

Quite early on and already hard to get a seat at the front.

This lot made it all the way down from Leicester:

Despite the obvious size issue, a couple of them had half decent voices. Reckon they’re staying at The Arch for the whole of Christmas. Fair play.

Course there’s always the inevitable freak, like Thomas from Cardiff. He only seemed to know either Welsh mining songs or songs by The Pussycat Dolls:

Frankly, not much of a team player.

This is where we ended up. Quite a good spot as it goes:

That’s Doug in the middle looking a little larger these days, not that I’d ever say anything.

Took this just before Mart told the Seagull he’d come to the wrong party. Genius.

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Christmas In London

Best thing about Christmas in London is the nut stalls.

This particular one is on Berwick Street just round the corner from where we live.

All you’ve got to do is hang about for a couple of minutes and, sure enough, one will fall:

This is me and Mart on the prowl. Bagged ourselves a Brazil just after it was taken.

Plan for today is a trip to Brighton. The sun’s shining, there’s no wind, and we’ve not done one in ages.

Bring it on.

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A Winning Breakfast

Apologies for the recent gap in posting. I could make up an excuse, but I won’t, apart from the weather. Truth is I can’t face leaving the ledge when it’s windy. Call it old age. Just can’t be arsed to fight the gales anymore, and certainly didn’t want to end up in Peckham like last time. Not pleasant. Even flying down for a bite to eat was tricky the other day, so I sent Mart out instead. He seems to still find it funny being blown against lampposts.

Now it’s all settled down wind-wise, Me and Mart are off to Kingston for a day out. Tried to persuade Bill to come, but he wasn’t having any of it. Said he’d had a bit of a large night.

He’s not much of a looker at the best of times. Today though, Jesus:

Not seen him look this bad since last summer.

Had to share this too. Just had a right result on the breakfast front.

Check this lot out:

Couple of bits were still warm. Sweet.

Thankfully, Bill wasn’t with us. Not sure his stomach could have handled it.

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