Pigeon Pilfer

Another great movie dedicated to the pigeon:

Cheers for sending it, Steve!

And well done to Michael Stevenson for making it in the first place.

Good work.

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Rainy Days

Not sure why it is it’s been so long since I last posted. Probably down to the non-stop torrential rain, not to mention the hurricane wind blowing at you from all directions. Jesus. Not been a wind this bad since late ’89, or whenever it was. Pigeons blown all the way from Richmond to Bethnal Green, apparently. Mart knows someone who knows someone who was there. Got a load of pigeons under the Union Chapel roof just before they were about to be carried to Leamington Spa. Fair play.

I considered heading out earlier. See if I couldn’t catch me a few strays to rescue, and then thought the better of it. Guess it’s days like today when it pays to be a seagull.

Anyway – this was a typical scene, out and about near Tower Bridge.

Like I say, not known wet feet like it:

Couldn’t even be arsed to chase the walnut.

Mart shouted, ‘That old chestnut’, which made us laugh.

It was the only laugh we had all day.

Nope. Still can’t be arsed.

And then, it all goes a bit weird:

Nige spots a light reflection on the pavement and spends ages just staring at it.  A few more joined him, but he had it pretty much to himself for most of the day. Couldn’t walk straight for hours.

Anyway, word is there’s sun in the morning, so I’m heading out to get me some real rays.

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Pigeon Impossible

Total and utter genius, and what every pigeon aspires to.

Cheers for sending it, Charlie and everyone!

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Owl In A Box

So far, the large pigeon has eluded me. Fuck knows how. Word is it’s now on Neal Street, so gonna try to get me some giant plastic pigeon action tomorrow if it kills me, which hopefully it won’t.

In the meantime, check this out. Sent to me by Snowflake. Cheers, Snowflake.

I always thought Owls were pretty grumpy as a rule. Met one once on a mini-break in Southampton who was grumpy to the point of being positively rude.

These pics only go to prove I am right. Owls are, without doubt, the moodiest of birds. This dude was rescued by a woman in America after being hit by a car, and this was his reaction:

Jesus. Talk about ungrateful.

For the full story and more pics, click here.

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Giant Pigeon Lands In London

Fat Jesus:

One day, some dude called Panasonic decided to build a giant pigeon, and bring it to London. WTF?

The weird part is, it’s to advertise some new lightweight handy cam. Eh? Reckon they might have fucked up a bit on the market research. Far as I know, me aside, there really aren’t that many pigeons into the cam. Oh well. I won’t tell them if you don’t.

For more pics and the full story, click here.

Gonna hunt it down tomorrow. Word on the street is it’s bound for Covent Garden. Watch this space.

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The Trouble With Wind

Okay – clearly the freakishly warm weather has come to an end. Have to say, any desires I have ever had to go to India have been put right out of my head. Who ever heard of anywhere with a summer that only lasts a week? Oh yeah – London.

I should have started by apologising for the distinct lack of posts. This has been due to the fact that nothing has been happening in my life of late. Nothing whatsoever. So much so, on Saturday, I complained to Mart that we never did anything anymore, so he suggested a day trip to Richmond. Lovely place, despite the geese. I was right up for it, till we got going.

Leaving town was okay, but soon as we headed over Kew Gardens – Jesus. Never dealt with so much wind. Mental. Blowing about all over the place. Even took cover for a while in the Pagoda. Finally, we get to the river, and it’s even windier. Windy as hell. Bumped into a few locals who said that this level of wind was, in fact, quite unusual for this part of town.

Talk about ruffling the feathers:


And this is me. Couldn’t even do the straight line:


Then, things got a whole lot worse.

One big gust, and Trevor was almost on his way to North Sheen:


They promised me Richmond wasn’t always that windy.

I’m not so sure.

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