A Pigeon At Sunset

No story behind this one – just a pigeon at sunset – taken by Mart.

Apart from his grubby snot drops on the lens, quite a nice pic.

He took it to celebrate the sun coming out. Fair play.
Mind you – the ark query still stands – see post below!

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Brian Pigeon’s Guide to London – The Underground Ledge

It’s worth noting that most of London’s underground stations have ledges either on or near them, and all offer great views of the streams of tourists going in and out. ‘Shit or Miss’ fun is guaranteed.

This particular example is at Sloane Square near London’s fashionable King’s Road, and was sent to me by Dan. Cheers, Dan!

A great site to check out if you want to see what goes on underground is Going Underground by the mighty Annie Mole.

Also, I was wondering, has anyone anywhere started building an ark yet? If you have, can you let me know? If you’re thinking of applying the ‘two-by-two’ rule, I’d like to put myself forward as one of the two pigeons?  Maybe bring Mart along as the second? What do you think? Let me know.

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A Pigeon Lunches in Greggs

Margi and Id sent me these – cheers, guys! Top pics!

Ok, so Greggs isn’t the best sandwich shop in the world, in fact, it’s a bit shit – but here’s a pigeon paying the Brighton branch a lunchtime visit.

Bring it on. Better than a soggy throwaway anyday!

“Hmmm. Bit peckish… Couldn’t half do with a sandwich…”

“Bollocks – just missed out on the cheese and pickle…”

“Oh well – a spot of fruit scone will have to do…. pants – think I’ve been spotted…”

“HIDE! Shit – too late…”

“Arghhhh. Damn that hurt!”

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Brian Pigeon’s Guide to London – The River Ledge

Another great thing about London is the river. It’s big and wet and surrounded by some fine ledges. Simple to use, and fun for all the family.

Here’s Mart doing what he called his ‘merry dance’ on one down near Tower Bridge:


To be honest this one is a bit of a schlep, but worth it for the bridge:

And here’s Ed being all a bit pensive on one down near Strand on the Green:

Ed fancies himself as a bit of a thinker.

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Brian Pigeon’s Guide to London – The Pottery Ledge

Okay, so this is George demonstrating another of London’s classic ledges.

More of a chimney really, but still great to hang out on.

Here he is looking a bit windswept sitting on a ‘Pottery Ledge’ in West London:

One tip though, just don’t do it in Winter. If the homeowner’s got a fire going there’s a strong chance you’ll burn your arse feathers off. Never a good look, especially on a pigeon.

Another bonus of the Pottery Ledge is it’s normally only big enough for one so if you’re on the pull, it’s great for a spot of bird watching.

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Poncey Twat and The Arrival of Summer

Finally the sun comes out – Jesus. Pigeon’s everywhere went mad for it:

Here’s some of the boys rocking up for a summer festi on The Square. First one this year.

Me and Mart thought we go out and about – take in a park or two – so we did. Ended up at Kew Gardens. Lovely spot.

There we were wandering about cam on the ready – bumped into THIS:

Wtf? Mart reckons it was some kind of chicken. I’m not so sure.

So Mart goes: “Oi – poncey twat. Show us your arse!”

The Poncey Twat only goes and falls off his perch. Flat on his face.

Probably so used to pigeons going, “Oh aren’t you beautiful with your lovely coloured feathers.”

Poor fuck didn’t know what to do.

Pissed myself.

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Brian Pigeon’s Guide to London – The Antiquity Ledge

This one’s always a winner with the tourists – The Antiquity Ledge – and London has a wide variety of statues offering some of the finest antiquity ledges in the world.

Like this one – the statue of the amputee fat bird in Trafalgar Square:

A word of warning though – when landing on antiquity ledges, be careful of the spikes. A fairly massive pain in the arse if you land on one and it lasts for ages.

Here’s another view of some of the boys enjoying the view from the lady’s arse:

Obviously these pictures were taken a ages ago when the sun was shining.

What is it with all this rain? Jesus. Hell for the London pigeon. Life sucks when it rains as much as this. Soggy throwaways apart from anything else. Nightmare.

As for flying in a storm, forget it. Pal of Dougs got struck by lightning the other day.

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