Calling All Davids – The Aftermath

Finally managed to recover from a serious night out with The Davids. I never knew Davids partied so hard. Jesus. One thing led to another and, before I knew it, the fact everyone was called David was absolutely hilarious. All of them shouting, “Dave. Oi. Dave.” Pissed ourselves for hours. I’m sure anyone else knocking about who wasn’t called Dave would have found the whole event quite annoying.

This is the best I can do as photographic evidence. David (from Peckham?), absolutely off his nut. Said he’d been saving himself for the Calling All Davids party ever since he heard about it on St David’s Day last year:

Tragic, but fair play.

I’m seriously thinking of changing my name to David. Clearly the way to go. Bring on the Davids.

Anyone wondering what Daring Dave was doing, wonder no more. Apparently he was clinging to the underside of a pod on the Millennium Wheel all night. Mental.

March 2, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. Pigeon fancier replied:

    Funny how this so-called David pigeon of yours is a female, not a male – I’m a pigeon fancier – but perhaps that’s just the way names work in pigeon society? I understand Gabrielle is a common man’s name in Bulgaria. I certainly don’t know, despite my twenty row of fine racers,I because I don’t pretend to have access to the pigeon world to the extent that you do, but I’m prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt for now. Given all the kebab meat sitting round these days, I suspect that Muhummad paries are pretty common too down the green.

    • pigeonblog replied:

      Pigeon Fancier: It was in Soho though. Anything kinda goes in Soho!
      Your pal

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