Me, yesterday


November 28, 2005. Uncategorized. 4 comments.

Hello world

Welcome to the first ever online diary of a London pigeon. Well, in all fairness I come from Hayes which is not strictly speaking London. It’s close enough and, let’s face it, it’s as good as you’re gonna get coz not many of us pigeons have mastered the art of blogging! Mores the pity. You never know though, if enough of them can be arsed to read this – it might just catch on! Pigeon-friendly Cyber Caffs are, as a result, hard to come by so posting may be a little irregular (although I heard there’s quite a good one in Slough? Anyone know it? Let me know in the comments…).

Mum This is a picture of mum. I think she sent it to me so I won’t forget her birthday.

November 14, 2005. Uncategorized. 8 comments.

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