Brian Pigeon – The Movie – nearly there…

Top night last night – out and about with the new vid cam. Fucking cool. Winging it to Ali's tomorrow to put it together – gave iMovie a shot but the whole dragging clips onto the timeline thing is a right pain in the arse – seriously tricky beak to toe manouevres. Nightmare. Mart helped out for a bit but kept messing up the cuts and sticking stupid effects on it.

Spotted these lard arse dudes today tho tanning their feathery butts:

Mart thought they might be trying to make pigeon shapes in the sky like Batman did. I told him Batman made bat shapes in the sky, not pigeon shapes. Jesus.

Got chatting to the one on the right – Grant – the other one was a right grumpy twat – didn't say a word – anyway, turns out he crashed the Beckham's World Cup Party at the weekend. Top laugh. Said he does it all the time – rocks up at celeb parties for the crack. Cool. Reckons he saw David Cameron nicking a fork. Pissed myself.

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Freeeeeeeeeeeeeak of the Weeeeeeeeeeeeek

This is good:

Pigeon Blog Freeeak of the Weeeeeeeek

They just get madder and madder. Check out the eye – clearly on one. Anyone out there see any freaks – send them to brianpigeon at gmail dot com.

Bit of late one this week coz I got the camcorder from Brixton Del. Fucking cool. Been pissing about all day. Posting the results tomorrow… need a hand on the editing tho… Ali?

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A Day At The Seaside

Right – fucking finally – the sun came out so me and the boys headed to the seaside. Top laugh.

pigeon blog

Frankly – tbh – it was the river in Kew – just told Mart it was the seaside and he believed me. 

Bumped into Little Tel. Mart took this one. 

pigeon blog - little tel 

Little Tel hangs out in Kew – rock hard nutter who loves a good scrap. Been on the scene for years.

Took the piss out of some big fucking goose…

pigeon blog - big fucking goose

Till he saw me…

pigeon blog - big fucking goose looking at me   

Shat myself. 

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Pigeons Love The Caviar

Whoever said pigeons don’t have a taste for the good stuff – check this out. It’s a movie sent to me by Kari showing a bunch of pigeons loving the caviar. Saying that – only one of em’ really gets a look in. Fair play. Greedy fuck. Cheers for sending it, Kari.

Tbh, I know caviar is fish eggs and it’s posh – just not sure where it comes from… do goldfish make caviar? Anyone out there got a goldfish? Fancy sharing some of it? Let me know – love to give it a go sometime…

Noticed looking at the searches that someone got here asking: ‘Do pigeons fart?’

Answer is – yes we do – here’s one of Graham letting one rip on Wednesday:

Graham letting one rip

He does it all the time.

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Wish I Could Go Here…

A pal John sent me this – cheers John – a gang of pigeons hanging out in the sunshine in Greece.

pigeons in the sunshine

"Hmmm – sun… shade… what'll it be…?"


For those that don't know – we don't get much sun here and it's mainly cold all the time. Seriously thinking of doing some long haul flying training so I can get my feathery arse to somewhere a bit warmer.

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Hull Vs Ontario

This pic was sent to me by Favus from #digi. Cheers Favus. It’s a pigeon in Hull tucking into a big old chip:
Jesus. Heart attack central.

Mind you – apparently Hull IS the worst place to live in the UK, so prob hasn’t got much choice. Poor fuck. Check out the mad bonkers look in the eye – it’s what happens when you eat too much shit – turns your brain weird.

Unlike the pigeon dudes in Ontario who took part in an experiment – clearly never done a chip ever – Ade sent me the link – an article in New Scientist about how pigeons can do logarithms – cheers Ade:

“Pigeons might perceive time on a logarithmic scale on which higher values are increasingly compressed together…”

“Alternatively, they might perceive time linearly but are confused by longer intervals”.

Frankly, I’m just confused all round.

Shit. Knew I should’ve gone easy on the throwaway.

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More Cool Pigeon Merch

A pal – Mr Goat – sent me the Warhol pic ages ago. Fucking cool pic. 

Thought it would make a nice T shirt…

Pigeon Blog Warhol T Shirt

Go here if you want one. Like with the other merch, it's not the cash – tbh us pigeons get most stuff for free anyway – good thing coz we got nowhere to put it – unless we carried a bag round – which would be weird – it's just an awareness thing for 'Give Pigeons A Chance'.  

Thinking of doing Brian Pigeon umbrellas next coz I think it might actually rain forever. Seriously. Pissed ourselves today tho.  Out on The Circus – the only pigeon around – a fucking TP strutting his stuff.

Mart took this – bit of a shit pic:

It's me legging it after I called him a twat. 

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Pumpkin Seed Pigeon

Right – Kristel sent me this – cheers Kristel. It was on Boing Boing and everything:

It's a statue made out of bread by some chick called Constanza Puente. Pretty clever. Got me thinking – esp after my whole pigeon obesity thing last week… Check out the seriously fat dude bottom left – clearly been tucking in. Totally a bad message – here's a big load of white bread – help yourself.

So me and Mart made this – the healthy alternative:

A pumpkin seed pigeon.

Ali helped on the pigeon shape and we did the sticking pumpkin seeds on bit. Took fucking ages. Worth it though. Mart's idea to put it on a carrot. Nice.

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Freeeeeeeeeeeak of the Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek

Jesus Christ. This is clearly the freak that was coming up behind last week’s dude. Check out the pads.

Scary shit.

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Top Vid – Me On The Tube

me on the tube
Ali – my cyber caff pal from Slough – came up to town yesterday. We hung out but the weather was shit so we got the tube – he took this of me getting off at Edgeware Road. Fucking wicked. Just click on the pic to see it – takes a sec to load.

Got me thinking – gonna get in touch with Del – my Brixton homie pigeon mate who sorted me the stills cam – see if he can get me one that does vid. Podcast it – call it Brian Pigeoncast – A Pigeon's Eye View… Pigeon Blogcast… Brian Pigeon's Guide to London… shed loads of potential. So excited I'm gonna ignore the fact it's pissing down and go find Del.

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Cool Pigeon Stuff

Got sent this pigeon stencil from Clare in Melbourne – an artist who loves the pigeon. Cheers Clare.

And this – a mental pigeon movie by a dude called Rico – 

'Howard's First Day'

Fucking bonkers.

Then a pal Gia posted a vid she made of pigeons dive bombing at table in a caff in Covent Garden – she thought it might be me – it wasn't, it was actor mate Doug – I know coz I asked him and he remembers doing it. Said he was 'grabbing a light snack before performing Arthur Miller's Death of A Salesman" Jesus. 

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Queen Does Hayes and A Tube Journey Home

Jesus Christ. Gale force 10 blowing out in Hayes. Mental. 'Shit or Miss' totally out of the question. No chance of a hit whatsoever. Shame coz she was wearing a big red hat and it would've been great.

Here she is next to the fat bloke in the red dress…

Still had a top laugh tho. Esp after – Mart took this of me and the boyz eating all the left behind shit:

Cool. Best bit tbh. Mind you – stuffed myself so bad the fly home was a nightmare. So fucking bad that we got the tube from Ealing Broadway. Empty too so managed to get this of Mart:

Cool pic. Snapped it just before the doors closed. Pissed ourselves.

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The Queen Does Hayes – Part 1

Fucking hilarious – the stuff goin' on in Hayes just for the Queen's trot about this avo. I posted this when I heard about it a couple of weeks back. Had to swing by last night and check in with my pals. Chatted about a protest fly-by – get behind the 'Give Pigeons A Chance' campaign. Pissed ourselves. Reckon a game of 'Shit or Miss' could be funnier though – see who can land one on her head. Should be a right laugh. Obv gonna head over there in a bit – check out the madness. Here's some pics I took last night:


Some nice flags they've stuck on the lamp posts…

Some nice flower pots…

Norma and Betty loving the peace 'n quiet of the shit free High Street. Mind you, they'll prob be up there with the flag waving mentalists. They're into all that.

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The Happiest Penguin In The World

A pal sent me this pic of an ad poster in Italy…

Check out the look on the penguin dude… fucking funny.

Reckon if I dressed up like a penguin the lovely lady would rub me all over her face like that too?

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Pigeon Obesity – Word Gets Out

Hanging out with Mart this morning – spotted this:

Fucking cool. A pal, Michael, kicking off with a protest shit outside Starbucks.

I said he should prob target hamburger joints that sell nasty food – esp as pigeons don't do coffee unless we're bored, it's Friday or we need to get somwehere fast. He said he only 'dropped one outside Starbucks coz he needed one and, anyway, they do sell fucked up muffins'. Fair point.

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