The Pigeons Who Give Pigeons A Bad Name

Spotted this lot earlier today.

It’s these kind of pigeons that give the rest of us a bad name:

Decent uplights are hard to come by in the West End these days so, if you do happen to sit on one, please leave it as you found it and wipe up after yourself like the rest of us do.

It’s particularly important in the run up to the Pigeon Olympics when visiting pigeons will be flocking from all over the country to London. The least they can expect is a clean place to sit.

Every pigeon in London has the responsibility to present our City in the best light possible, and ledges and lights covered in shit isn’t the way to do it.

If you’d rather not use your tail feathers, and don’t have a napkin handy, go and find one. Or, if you’re still struggling, ask your neighbour to assist. It’s not that hard, and most pigeons will be happy to help.

Talking Pigeon Olympics, I was lucky enough to be asked down to team West End’s Chip Tossing practice. It’s an event that’s likely to attract a lot of attention as the Glaswegian team are supposed to be pretty good. No surprises there then. Report to follow.

May 18, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. Dia replied:

    so funny… but also you are so right!:)

  2. Keep London Clean – Clearing Up Using Tail Feathers « Pigeon Blog replied:

    […] Since my last post on ledge etiquette, I keep getting asked how the tail feather clearing method works. It’s amazing how many pigeons have never considered it, so I ventured to Piccadilly Circus earlier and found a couple willing to demonstrate, Nick and Laurence. […]

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