A Pigeon That Looks Like…

Russell Brand

Russell: “I say, Pretty Lady, won’t you accompany me forthwith to my feathery bedchamber and lie with me a while?”

Pretty Lady: “Not right now, thanks.”

Russell: “But, Pretty Lady, please simply view my extended chest of plenty and imagine what it might feel like to touch it?”

Pretty Lady: “If it’s all the same to you, I’d rather not…”

Russell: “Pretty Lady, oh how I admire your strength of will in resisting such powerful temptation and, in my heart, I wish there were more like you able to fight their fiery desires…. That’s it, let me chase you…”

Pretty Lady: “Look, let’s get one thing straight – I am not remotely tempted, nor am I even the slightest bit attracted to you. In fact, I’d go as far as to say you repulse me. Now fuck off and leave me alone.”

Russell: “Ok all you lovely ladies out there, here I am, and I’m all yours…

…Ladies…? Anyone…?”

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