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Brian P


  1. stacy replied:

    yeah! give those pigeons a chance

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Stacy: Bring it on!
    Your pal, Brian P

  3. Plant cells replied:

    This blog is so cool :-))
    Go pigeons! Go pigeons! Go pigeons! 😀

  4. Fred replied:

    they deserve no chance!!!! pigeons are pure evil….. for years they have gone un-noticed… but soon they will rise and kill us all!!!!!!

  5. Alasdair replied:

    Do you have a pigeon preference?

    My favourites include wood pigeons and collared doves (although I’m not sure if the latter can be classified as pigeons 😕 )… have you any decent recipes for pigeon pie?

    … you wouldn’t believe how I found this blog 😉

  6. Anonymous replied:

    Don’t they prefer to be called rock doves?

  7. pigeonblog replied:

    Anonymous: Some do, others prefer pigeon. Depends. Some just dig the ‘dove’ bit, makes them feel a bit more special. Personally, so long as it’s not ‘rats with wings’, I don’t give a shit.
    Your pal
    Brian P

  8. pigeonblog replied:

    Alasdair: Sorry pal, didn’t see your comment – doh. Collared doves sound cool. Are they kinda like vicars? And, no, funnily enough I don’t have a recipe for pigeon pie! Not pigeon burgers or pigeon sausages or even pigeon a la carte.
    Btw, how did you find this out of interest…?
    Your pal Bri P

  9. Alasdair replied:

    Funnily collared doves are somewhat vicar like, or at least in negative 😕 , maybe the pigeon equivelant of the anti-christ 😆

    Hang on … … I’m surprised you’ve never sidled up to one Bri 😉

    As for how I found your blog? A simple google search for “your s__t wordpress blog” or something to that effect … I must say though, having had a good look it’s anything but 😀

  10. pigeonblog replied:

    Alasdair: Not sure I’d ever sidle up to one of those. Seen the look in the eye? Or the pointy bit at the end of the beak? I reckon there’s a dark side behind that grin!
    Your pal Bri P

  11. pat replied:

    I have spent a year training the local pigeons to move to the side when faced with human pedestrians. They seem to have trouble moving out of the way, leaving kind humans trying to move round them, unkind humans trying to kick them and scared humans shrieking loudly. I am using my mind to get them to move sideways. I will keep you informed how I am doing.

  12. lolo replied:

    yah i love pegons

  13. pigeonblog replied:

    lolo: Good on ya. They love you too.
    Your pal
    Bri P

  14. Lammi replied:

    The greatest laugh out loud website of anything on the trusty internet. Love it guys!

  15. pigeonblog replied:

    Lammi: Cheers Lammi!
    Your pal
    Brian P

  16. kenny replied:

    what happens when u feed pigeons lima beans?

  17. gene replied:

    are there like pigeon football teams or cricket or somthing like that bri? lol

  18. jeannette replied:

    i absoloutly love pigeons i always have they are my favourite birds and i want to see them back on trafalgar square in their thousands where they rightfully belong

  19. Johnsonio replied:

    I have to say I don’t mind pigeons at all, I find them a lot like people. Some hang around at shopping centres, some like extreme sports (like ‘playing chicken’ with oncoming cars, maybe it should be renamed ‘playing pigeon’?) and some seem to do nothing all day but lard around and eat chips.

    At least they don’t have to worry about the financial crisis, oh to be a pigeon!

    Keep flapping.

  20. Jacinta replied:

    My friend found a very friendly pigeon 3 days ago. She put it in our balcony, but the pigeon loves being around people. She flies away every morning and returns at sunset. She loves being on top of people (head or shoulders)…is that normal for a pigeon? I know nothing about them…

  21. Maria Mathias replied:

    i hate pigeons….i think pigeons are rats with wings and cannot understand why they haven’t become extinct….there should be someway to eradicate them off the face of this planet….

  22. josh replied:

    i shoot and eat pigeons and they tast good

  23. Course Pigeons Need To Eat – VOTE NOW | Pigeon Blog replied:

    […] 75% say ‘yes’. Jesus. What the fuck? Not good. Not good at all. Means my ‘Give Pigeons A Chance’ campaign needs loads more work. Gotta get going on the protest fly-by asap and spread the word on […]

  24. Tee shirt Design London replied:

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  25. Sebastian Goszczynski replied:

    Hello. I am a Pigeon. Can I speak?

    I live in Tooting Ward, Wandsworth Borough, London SW17 7DA. I sometimes sleep outside house where Sebastian M Goszczyński lives in a residential area house. It is a truly beautiful area where everybody love each other – a paradise on an average day. We have all we need here and lots more. Yet, we have enough tourist traffic to advertise our area further. There is however a certain concern. Something happened which shaken me. For the reason, not as my regular practice, I write. I write of something terrible that happened yesterday on my doorstep at approx. 22:00 GMT Time. Please, refrain from further reading would you be of rather more sensitive nature. Ok. Here I start:
    Yesterday I have heard how Pigeon was brutaly murdered in nearby garden. Pigeon screamed in agony whilst surprised by an unidentified attacker. I believe the suspect – local resident fox – did eat the Pigeon whilst the Pigeon was still alive. The screams of the victim have been causing shock at realisation of tragedy – of horrid brutal happening just outside my window on 2nd floor of a House. I have in past always uttered short prayer would I hear such until victim of murder would not scream any more into a minute or 2 later hoping it is all over. It shocks me how my human community can tolerate the murders so vividly marked by the screaming victim. The scream is tragedy of life being put to an unprovoked excrutiating end in agony just outside windows in Tooting Bec community where the scream I am sure did reach whole of area between Beechcroft Road – “Ernst & Bevin” College, nearby Glenburnie Road Children Nursery, and Mandrake Road Primary School. I believe that there are people who do not acknowledge the tragedy or ignore it in desensitised beliefs. The people are incurring subconscious shock to “psyche” regardless and it can affect them in future. Especially all below 21 years of age. Reality of some one in our community being that of murder assault – psychological trauma, shock and critical point pain, it being general public scene – the victim screams heard by approx 500 – 1000 witnesses. Any idea of possible help for the victim? No. Any idea where to report it? No. All 500 to 1000 witnesses know it must be Fox assaulting Pigeon. Some would say: “IT IS WILD LIFE, IT IS NORMAL”. All witnesses would admit: the scream is saying it all about: “what is it like to be brutally tortured and murdered in your own home by a mercyless beast”. Leisure of sleep, abruptly interrupted by other species predator, brutally and insanely “just because I do”, with no fault of the victim. A minute or few lasting sheer agony of sudden awokening and being eaten alive. Such personal terror that one may not make out what is happening. I deeply condemn such act as an accepted practice in my Tooting Bec Ward Community. Humanity does embrace death of animals we eat yet there is strong public opinion that the death of any animal happening in Godly way and without suffering ( chickens killed in humanitarian way in gas chambers, free range farming, end of experimenting on animals, condemning hunting for an entertainment or killing for pleasure being a decent hobby. )

    What are persons under 21 years old in our community gaining from all year round occuring locally loud murders of pigeons. Yes, it is murder – it is not necessary, it is a condition allowed if not created by Public Services in London. Introduction of Fox community was obvious of the pigeon murder becomingpart of my Community Life. I do not know of positive influence of Fox Community on our Human Community unless the night shift people are enjoying the sight of Foxes in public looking for food. I have to admit that I do appreciate sight of the animals in the evening or night. I do love Foxes as much as I do love Pigeons. Pigeons are birds, they have wings, they can fly, they are vegetarians. We People share pavements with The Pigeon and all most famous squears, alleys and avenues and “White Pigeon” is a symbol of peace. The Pope of Vatican in Rome set free White Pigeons from his public balcony symbolising every one wanting “Peace on Earth”. The committing acts to keep peace – Peace Corps., children praying to God for peace: 1. In their local communities. 2. At home. 3. On Planet Earth. How London Public Services can allow in the Heart of United Kingdom and Northern Ireland – the British Capital – London: such proceder. “Loud Brutal Murder” being an accepted practice of Fox Kind toward Pigeon Kind in the heart of our Human Kind. It is unacceptable. I love all Kind Fox, Kind Human and Kind Pigeon. Is it not Human Cruelty to Pigeon Kind as Victim and Human Kind as Victim. “OUR LONDON COMMUNITY IS FORCED TO LIVE WITH BRUTAL MURDER ON OUR DOORSTEP”. I am still deeply moved by Pigeon being murdered yesterday on my doorstep. The very loud, especially in evening and night hour screams of victim of the brutal murder cannot be ignored, please. Yesterday it affected me to the core and I spent rest of the evening in silence in loving memory of the victim paying honors to the “IGNORED TRAGEDY”. Please, how does all Pigeon Community feel when they hear how one of their kind screams for God’s mercy in a scream so obvious of brutality of assault as the victim is going through it. What does it mean to a Pigeon to be woken up in the night by “THE SCREAM” of it’s kind: family, friend, colleague, community member. Knowing that it is rather too late for “HELP FOR THE ONE WHO SCREAMS”. Knowing that current English Legislation is the way it is. How does it affect a regular pigeon psychology to witness such criminal assault of one of them and at the same time know: “IT CAN HAPPEN TO ME TOO”, “NO ONE OF IS SAFE” & “NONE OF US IS BEYOND THE RISK OF BECOMING THE NEXT VICTIM”. I understand Fox who is not a vegetarian and is not fed to instinctively seek food, everyone has the right of “pursuit of happiness”. There are peacefull Pigeon Families and their culture. There are peacefull Fox Families and their culture. “IT IS NOT FAIR” what happened to the Pigeon who died tragically yesterday. It is not about who is guilty. We all know Public Services listen to each one of us. I chose to spend my private time on writing the text in full dedication to what I witnessed. I write it today in loving memory of the victim. I write it hoping it is what the victim of yesterday would write itself. It is about: “who protect my community”. Thank you. I am the victim’s voice.

    Tooting Ward
    London SW17

    • Sebastian Goszczynski replied:

      Dear Pigeon Hero I did post sth because I love pigeons. I do not know now if your name is Pigeon or the blog is about the bird kind – Pigeon, I am confused. Still, I shall find way to let Pigeons know my love. Recently I spent half night making it impossible for two foxes to commit the horrid murder on  unsuspecting sleeping pigeon family members. They ran away – the two foxes – I did keep my enclave neighbourhood gardens free of crime this night. I didstand up. I did act. I shall not tolerate or ignore the agonising screams of pigeon family members being assaulted in sleep and brutally murdered – eaten alive by the gang of beasts. Foxes have bins to go through, it is their food and not murder of the innocent. God bless all. Forgiveness is my greatest power. I forgive the fox family members their horrid residents disrupting proceder. The pigeon screams can seriously harm psychology of adults not talking of underage minors or infants. It needs be stoped. God bless you my pal-friend. Peace be with you. Peace & LoveSebastian Mariusz Goszczynski 124 Beechcroft Road, Room 2,Tooting Bec, Wandsworth Borough,London SW17 7DA Have a brilliant evening brother.

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  26. Mr. Analdo replied:

    The Gentleman Of Faith from Tooting is an inspiration to us all. To forgive the fox family is to walk with God. I am also person of devotion in local area yet have no understanding of senseless bye-law preventing me from erecting my Pigeon-Protect-Tunnel in shopping precinct. The birds were making noise of delight, knowing they were protected from those drinking cheap liquor and chasing them into British Home Stores for their own amusement. The pigeon is a proud member of God’s family and not deserving of humiliation. To the local government I say, Shame On You. It is they, not me who cause Breach-Of-Peace. The plastic tunnel required sealing at each end to prevent further humiliations and keep the pigeons safe. To the person who attacked me and called my protective device a Live Bird Oven – you are ignorant. Breathing holes had been burnt into the plastic with hot cigarette end prior to erection. God knows my worth. You will pay – if not in this life, then the next.

  27. Apple Touchscreen iPod? Cool! | Pigeon Blog replied:

    […] could see my pics straight away, post when I want to, would really help with things like my ‘Give Pigeons A Chance‘ campaign… prob mean I could keep on top of the bird flu issue better too – maybe […]

  28. John replied:

    If you love pigeon and like pigeon Photos Just visit web
    Aloha 🙂

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