London’s Worst Ledges

The sun was shining again this weekend, so I decided to pick up on something I started last year. A guide by a pigeon for the pigeon to all the best ledges in London, called London’s Best Ledges, part of Brian Pigeon’s Guide to London. Any pigeon visiting the City on either a long or short stay basis after a decent ledge, look no further, or that was the general idea anyway.

So Mart and me set off, cam at the ready, and decided to go check out the ledges of Kings Cross. Mistake. Never seen such a dire collection in my life. Most unpleasant. Some of them didn’t even qualify as ledges, like this, for example:

Absolute shithole.

I asked the dude why it was he insisted on living somewhere like that when there were far better ledges to be found just up the road in Islington. Ledges like this:

Nice sunny aspect. South facing. Plenty of room.

Or how about this, The British Library:

It’s nothing but one big ledge, and it’s only about 2 minutes fly time from the soiled shop sign our friend called home.

Anyway, he wasn’t having any of it. Not even slightly:

Said it was none of my business, that he was quite happy where he was, and told me to fuck off, which I thought was a bit unnecessary. Last time I try giving any one on one ledge advice. Jesus. Forget it.

The whole event got me thinking tho… Why is it some pigeons are happy to spend their lives staggering about in their own shit? Personally,  I don’t get it. Ok, so I drop the odd one here and there. Who doesn’t? But to wantonly reject decent nearby stone based sheltered ledges in favour of something like that? Just plain baffling, and definitely worthy of further investigation.

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Brian Pigeon’s Guide To London: Not Really A Ledge, But A Lovely Pigeon Retreat Nonetheless

Sorry for not posting – RSI got the better of me – see post below – so I slipped off for a couple of day’s to a Pigeon retreat in the country.

This is it:

Lovely it was. Surrounded by palm trees. Just chilled out really. Did some thinking. Well, frankly, did lots of thinking – fuck all else to do. Think and eat and fly around a bit. Fly around a bit, then eat, then think a bit more. Feel lots better for it tho and getting back in the swing of London ready for Christmas. Mart is wetting his feathers about it all. Best bit about Christmas in London is it’s top throwaway season.

Here’s Simon tucking into a bit of Christmas pud no less.

All a bit much in the end and he chucked up shortly after.

So – this got me thinking – Brian Pigeon’s Guide To London – not done that for a while, so how about I shift focus from ledges to food? London’s Best Throwaways?

“Any pigeons out there thinking of visiting London – check out Pigeon Blog for the best free eats in town. Most romantic, best for all the family, lowest carbs, best Indian, best Chinese…” What do you think?

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Brian Pigeon’s Guide to London – The Underground Ledge

It’s worth noting that most of London’s underground stations have ledges either on or near them, and all offer great views of the streams of tourists going in and out. ‘Shit or Miss’ fun is guaranteed.

This particular example is at Sloane Square near London’s fashionable King’s Road, and was sent to me by Dan. Cheers, Dan!

A great site to check out if you want to see what goes on underground is Going Underground by the mighty Annie Mole.

Also, I was wondering, has anyone anywhere started building an ark yet? If you have, can you let me know? If you’re thinking of applying the ‘two-by-two’ rule, I’d like to put myself forward as one of the two pigeons?  Maybe bring Mart along as the second? What do you think? Let me know.

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Brian Pigeon’s Guide to London – The River Ledge

Another great thing about London is the river. It’s big and wet and surrounded by some fine ledges. Simple to use, and fun for all the family.

Here’s Mart doing what he called his ‘merry dance’ on one down near Tower Bridge:


To be honest this one is a bit of a schlep, but worth it for the bridge:

And here’s Ed being all a bit pensive on one down near Strand on the Green:

Ed fancies himself as a bit of a thinker.

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Brian Pigeon’s Guide to London – The Pottery Ledge

Okay, so this is George demonstrating another of London’s classic ledges.

More of a chimney really, but still great to hang out on.

Here he is looking a bit windswept sitting on a ‘Pottery Ledge’ in West London:

One tip though, just don’t do it in Winter. If the homeowner’s got a fire going there’s a strong chance you’ll burn your arse feathers off. Never a good look, especially on a pigeon.

Another bonus of the Pottery Ledge is it’s normally only big enough for one so if you’re on the pull, it’s great for a spot of bird watching.

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Brian Pigeon’s Guide to London – The Antiquity Ledge

This one’s always a winner with the tourists – The Antiquity Ledge – and London has a wide variety of statues offering some of the finest antiquity ledges in the world.

Like this one – the statue of the amputee fat bird in Trafalgar Square:

A word of warning though – when landing on antiquity ledges, be careful of the spikes. A fairly massive pain in the arse if you land on one and it lasts for ages.

Here’s another view of some of the boys enjoying the view from the lady’s arse:

Obviously these pictures were taken a ages ago when the sun was shining.

What is it with all this rain? Jesus. Hell for the London pigeon. Life sucks when it rains as much as this. Soggy throwaways apart from anything else. Nightmare.

As for flying in a storm, forget it. Pal of Dougs got struck by lightning the other day.

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Brian Pigeon’s Guide to London – The Rooftop Ledge

Not quite the shelter of a window ledge, but often with great views, there’s always the rooftop ledge.

Best just for a stop off rather than an overnight due to the high winds. Getting blown off during a bit of shuteye is not only embarrassing, it can be quite confusing.

Here are a couple of examples of London’s rooftop ledges available in Camden.

This one is on Pratt Street:

The ‘standard flat’.

The best thing about rooftops in Camden is they’re close to Camden Market. If you want a decent throwaway or fancy shitting on some goths, Camden Market on a Saturday and Sunday is the place to go.

Here’s another ‘standard flat’ in Camden:

This one’s near Georgiana Street.

The big advantage of Camden is there are lots of council houses and therefore lots of ‘standard flat’ rooftops. The trouble is though, what you gain on the flat roof you loose on the window ledge.

London’s all about compromise, especially for a pigeon.

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Brian Pigeon’s Guide to London – The Alternative Ledge and The Protective Ledge

Here are two great ledges in the North London area.

First off, a classic example of the Alternative Ledge:

Alternative Ledges tend to be brightly coloured low based ledges usually found on council blocks.

And this one is a good example of The Protective Ledge:

Protective ledges are usually found on buildings used mainly for corporate occupancy (i.e. those with a shop or restaurant downstairs where the owners tend not to use the upper floors).

As with this example, there are some that exist with an upper ledge. This type of ledge can be ideal as it’s totally protected and hard to view from street level.

However, this one is located in Kings Cross which isn’t so good night, particularly if you’re traveling with young ones, but it is centrally located and within easy access of the West End.

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Brian Pigeon’s Guide to London – London’s Best Ledges

Getting going on a Pigeon’s Guide to London. By a pigeon for the pigeons. Everything a pigeon needs to know when visiting London. Thought I’d start with something simple. London’s Best Ledges.

A pigeon likes nothing better than to chill and enjoy a great view. Okay, so we get views when we fly but because the focus is on the flying, we generally miss out on the enjoying it bit.

So, to kick off, here’s one on Pottery Lane in London’s fashionable Notting Hill.

This is Phil enjoying a bit of peace and quiet:

Looks like Phil may have been there a while…

There are two good things about this particular ledge. First off, it’s right near Holland Park. A lovely spot and with great throwaway potential to be found on Portobello Road.

Secondly, it’s a boarded up window. Boarded up windows are great. You can chill at your leisure with little risk of being disturbed, apart from possibly by another pigeon.

One word of warning. It’s worth checking out your selected ledge before dragging the family down there. Properties are moving fast in London these days and what looked great from the air a few months back may have already been turned into a selection of wank apartments with no ledges whatsoever and 24/7 hawk patrol.

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Brian Pigeon’s Guide to London!

Right – decided to give Pigeon Blog a bit of purpose.

Met some dude called Brummy Pete:

This is Brummy Pete looking all lost and shitting himself in Trafalgar Square.

Brummy Pete flew all the way down from Birmingham for a day trip in the Smoke, no fucking clue where to go or what to do.

Got me thinking – with all the long haul flyers everywhere these days, more and more pigeons are heading to London. Day trips, mini-breaks, sabbaticals, they’re all at it – then, when they get here, there’s no info anywhere telling them where to go or what to do – best places to hang out, make pals, get some kip, pick up the ladies, tuck into a fine throwaway, get pissed, play ‘Shit or Miss’ etc.

So, I’m gonna do it – ‘Brian Pigeon’s Guide to London’.

By a pigeon for the pigeon. Everything a pigeon needs to know when travelling to London.

For starters, how about Best Places To Make New Pals. Obviously Trafalgar Square rocks, but you’ve got to be brave. Can be a bit daunting for an out-of-towner like Brummy Pete.

Best thing to do is come on a Thursday. Thursdays are good. Thursdays are flying practice with Wing Commander P.R. Geon. There are beginners lessons and everything. Not so good for pulling though coz everyone’s a bit focussed.

Took this last Thursday. This is a bunch of dudes learning to fly in formation:

And this is Norma putting in a bit of landing practice. Norma’s from Teddington. She rocks up every Thursday trying to get to grips with the parallel feet manoeuvre:

Tricky stuff. That’s Wing Commander P.R. Geon bottom right, running for cover.

Top day out. Right laugh too.

Anyone else out there got ideas for great places to hang out, eat, shit, or whatever for a pigeon new to London, email them to me – brianpigeon AT gmail DOT com.

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