If you want to know more what B.A.P. (the Brian Against Pollution campaign) is all about, READ THIS.


Eric says the reason he loves Stoke Newington is coz it’s got a park with deer in it. At the weekend he likes to hang out at the cafe where there’s always ‘the odd free bit of scone knocking about’.


Sally loves the ‘cultural diversity’ of Acton. She reckons coz it’s so near to the North Circular you get loads of pigeons passing through from all over. She also loves the fact it’s accessible to Chiswick and all the local facilities of the High Road – esp the new outdoor eating places like Balans.


Donald was born in Blackheath and loves it down there. He’s says he’s used to the commute to the West End and doesn’t mind it. However, being a lover of the river, he’s currently considering a move to Greenwich – he’s just not sure he can handle all the tourists.


  1. bella replied:

    I think Donald should be wary of the Greenwich tourists – they have nasty small kids who torment you on the piazza (hey like that?) by the Cutty Sark. If he is so fond of the river maybe he should get down to Barnes where you can actually wade in the shallows by Lonsdale Road at low tide – I think some of the guys really think they are dulls for God’s sake!

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    bella: ‘Think they are’ being the point here. Pigeons would love to be like dulls with the whole swimming thing – in any other respect, forget it! Truth is, a gentle paddle is all we can do. Damn shame. Barnes sounds good tho… will check it out!
    Your pal Brian P

  3. Pete Pidge replied:

    G’day from the Aussie pidge movement. Me and my mates have heard about the work that’s being done by your mob and wanted to chuck ya our support. cooo.
    Here’s a pic of me infront of my bin juice squad of mates.

  4. pigeonblog replied:

    Pete Pidge: G’day! Good on ya! Where’s the pic tho? If you wanna send me your B.A.P. report – love to post it… tell us what the pollution’s like down under!
    Your pal Bri

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