Brian’s Coming!

There I was minding my own business yesterday when a head pokes out, look’s down at me and goes, “Watch out. Brian’s coming!”

BIC 2Nearly had a heart attack. WTF?

Then a couple of steps later, and it happens again:

Brian is coming 1

“Brian’s coming! Any minute now… You mark my word…”

By this point I’m totally confused. Didn’t recognise either of the dudes and had no idea what the fuck they were on about, till I nearly got blown across the Atlantic by a gust of wind the like of which I have never felt before. Jesus. It was like being kicked up the arse by a football boot. Took me right off my feet it did. Didn’t even have time to get the wings out. Dangerous stuff when you’re not pissed. Awesome if you are. Used to love a bit of wind-banging back in the day.

Next thing I know, Mart rocks up and tells me they’ve named a storm after me. Yep. It’s true. There is a storm called Brian, and it is happening right now this very minute. Even though I like to think the mammoth effort it took me to get to Newquay deserves some kind of recognition, a whole storm might be a bit much to expect. That again, it did involve a stopover in Okehampton… More on that never-ending epic trek next time. For now, be safe out there. Brian’s about to kick some windy arse!

October 21, 2017. Uncategorized.


  1. Deborah Kogan replied:

    So happy to hear from Brian!

  2. Joseph replied:

    Hold onto your feathers, mate! What passes for wind might be different in different parts of the Isles. And when they name it, it’s prob not a dads Sunday kickaround!

  3. adrian replied:

    v cute!!! or should i say cooooooo te? come visit my animal balloon shop while you’re here! x

  4. Lukasz replied:

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