Killer Seagull. The Hunt Continues.

Finally made it back to Brighton thanks to Hurricane Gonzalez. Battling against 100mph winds wasn’t something I was in the mood for after spending four days undercover in Hyde Park investigating a serial killer seagull. For those of you who haven’t caught up yet, I tweeted about it last week as soon as I heard.

This is the story, and this is me working undercover:

Jesus. What a week.

The atmosphere when I arrived was tense to say the least. Pigeons all over the park were extremely concerned they might be next.

No one has any idea which seagull might be responsible, so the threat level has now been raised to Red – the most severe ever – and the pigeon community living and working in Hyde Park is, rightly, very scared indeed.

“It’s terrible.” One said. “We’re all terrified. There’s even been talk that there are pigeons involved. Pigeons kidnapping pigeons, not that I believe it, but some do. Everyone is suspicious of everyone and no one wants to make eye contact anymore. It’s making Hyde Park a really uncomfortable and unpleasant place to work.”

It’s true. Even I noticed it. Pigeons going out of their way to avoid eachother. Something I’ve not seen happen since the bird flu scare back in 2006.

Even though pigeons have been disappearing for five years, the discovery of skinned corpses is a relatively recent thing. Whichever seagull is responsible has developed a taste for blood, which makes the situation even more worrying. During my stay there, three pigeons went missing.

I asked Colin from East Dulwich what he made of it all.

He said the pigeons who lived and worked in Hyde Park were becoming increasingly angry at the lack of action and that something needed to be done, and fast.

“It’s just not safe here anymore, not for anyone.” He went on. “The rising tension is going to ignite any minute. Already a few fights have broken out. Let’s face it, it’s never been particularly harmonious between us and the gulls, but I’ve never seen it this bad. Someone needs to get down here and start looking into who or what is responsible, but nothing like that seems to be happening and we’re just being left to fend for ourselves.”

I asked him why more pigeons hadn’t left the park.

“Oh, they have.” He said. “Lots, but you wouldn’t believe the number of bloody tourists arriving. Since the story went national, pigeons from all over want to come here hoping to catch a glimpse of Gull the Ripper. That’s what they’re calling him. Of course they don’t stay for long and leave well before it gets dark!”

He wasn’t wrong. Literally a few minutes after talking to him I bumped into a group of pigeons who’d flown down from Wigan on an organised tour. They were part of some crime club looking for clues. Couldn’t make it up.

Unbelievable. Still, at least they were trying to help I guess.

So, there it is. The horror in Hyde Park is unfolding on a daily basis. I’ve decided to go back next week to check up on the latest investigations, if there are any that is. At the very least I’m hoping I can raise awareness of their plight.

Mart’s going to come with me this time. Of course he’s wetting himself at the thought of us becoming Pigeon Detectives. He said he wants a monocle and everything. I told him a cape was definitely a step too far.

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  1. Jane Hendy replied:

    That is terrible Brian! And what about that awful human being interviewed who said nobody really likes pigeons? What a creep. If I were one of the Hyde Park pigeons I’d be more worried about humans like that than gulls. Keep safe.

    • pigeonblog replied:

      Too right. All they need to do is re-house the gulls and everyone’s a winner!

  2. Christine Jessie Harmer replied:

    Glad you made it back to Brighton, how very brave of you to go to Hyde Park on such a dangerous mission, Brian… well done!!

    • pigeonblog replied:

      Cheers. Just think there’s probably more I can do to help, but also thinking I may return in body armor!

  3. Ali at the Pali replied:

    I wouldn’t believe everything you read or hear Brian. You just wouldn’t believe the lengths to which THEY go to instil fear into the populace. It’s a great way of keeping you all compliant, and allowing your freedom and privacy (of course a pigeon needs his privacy) to be impinged upon even more. There’s probably something planned for Hyde Park, where it’s really important that the indignity of some inopportune pigeon crap just wouldn’t go down well. Fuck ’em, I say. The chances of being eaten by a seagull are as likely as being bombed by a terrorist.

    • pigeonblog replied:

      You do have a point. The corpses could have been planted… One thing I do know is pigeons are going missing. Watch this space next week, providing I don’t disappear myself!

  4. RoooRoooo replied:

    Hope you solve the mystery Brian, but be careful and don’t be the next one to disappear!
    Say, if you do it, and I’m sure you will, that’ll mean fame – and perhaps you could use that to open your own private pigeon eye agency? Detective Brian, sounds good to me.
    Good luck and keep us all informed!

  5. Myrna Elizabeth Seagrave replied:

    Well done Brian. However I think it is a plant now way are the Gulls responsible I would say it is more the work of Falcons and his Human handler.

  6. Mr Pet Sitter replied:

    Poor Brian 😦 Can’t believe you risked life and limb to fly into the hot zone and check out whether or not the Offending gull would show up!

    If you’re looking for body armour I’d stick with something light weight or you might struggle getting off the ground!!!

    Looking forward to hearing about your next adventure especially as this is my first visit to your blog!

    P.S do you use voice software to dictate your blog entries. I only ask as I presume typing is a little tricky. 🙂

  7. Becci replied:

    Augh, that photo is horrible! I mean, the one in the article, not the ones in your fine blog post. Brian, I’m sorry I haven’t commented in a while, but perhaps you remember me? You won’t believe where I am now–Belfast! I hope I’m able to make it over to London at some point to feed you some of your favourite type of crumbs and maybe punch the vicious gull. Normally I like gulls very much but when it comes to defending pigeons, I am ruthless.

  8. And It’s A Happy New Year From Me, Brian Pigeon | Pigeon Blog replied:

    […] there it is. Another year blows by, and what a year it’s been including serial killer seagulls in Hyde Park. As always I got to meet some great characters too including Charles, the resolutely single […]

  9. nazar replied: check this to see how intellegent the pigeons are

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