‘Flight Control’ By Gary Pigeon

This is it. Finally. The moment you’ve all been waiting for, and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s been worth it.

Ex-pat NYC street artist Gary Pigeon’s work, ‘Flight Control’:

Flight Control


He apologised for the length of time it took to send it through but said he wanted to make sure the photograph captured the piece in a way that maximised the poignancy of the statement. He also said he struggled with the camera as photography isn’t really his thing.

His inspiration came from wanting to highlight the hardship experienced by the millions of pigeons suffering from foot issues. It’s not something we like to talk about.

Initially he was going to scratch a small foot onto a drainpipe, until he had the brilliant idea of using wet concrete. However, having decided on the medium he wanted to use to express himself, he had to wait two years for a suitable patch of wet cement to come up. Eventually, it did. That’s dedication for you.

“I wanted it to be out in the open. Right there. On the street for everyone to see.” He said.

What he’s hoping, now he’s revealed himself as the artist responsible, is that some New York art mag might be interested in doing a piece. They should. It’s not often a pigeon’s art gets recognised never mind written about.

Nice one, Gary. He’s going to keep in touch and let me know what he’s working on next. He’s also going to tell me the full story of how the he ended up in New York in the first place. Joey told me it had something to do with getting hammered near Heathrow and falling asleep in the under-carriage of a plane about to take off for JFK. Slept through the whole thing, apparently.

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  1. Mary Cox replied:

    Gary’s work is amazing – Wow!!!

  2. Animalcouriers replied:

    Gary is indeed a dedicated artist. Glad it wasn’t quick drying.

  3. ParisExpat replied:

    A brilliant and very concrete example of neo-abstract expressionism expressed in the contemporary vernacular of street-art. Move over, Banksy, a new master is spreading his wings!

  4. Jane Hendy replied:

    Brian, this is the most interesting blog you’ve ever blogged. Congratulations on your growing social and political awareness.

  5. Andi Sharp replied:

    wonderful work highlighting a very widespread but little discussed problem – kudos Gary!!

  6. anneweiss replied:

    Love your blog, Brian, supporting art and finally explaining the tecniques of Gary’s finesse, which otherwise might have been overlooked. Thank you!

  7. Matt replied:

    Wet concrete !!??!! Does Gary still have two feet?

  8. Jane Hendy replied:

    Pigeon foot problems are not a joke, just look at all the poor victims hobbling around on stumps. They get gangrene when they get thread or plastic twine or human hair wrapped around their feet. Gary is absolutely right to use his art to further human understanding of pigeon suffering.

  9. Dalton replied:

    I love it – does he do Canvases?

  10. pigeonblog replied:

    Cheers everyone for your comments. Nice one. Glad you’re liking Gary’s art too. Hoping for some more from him soon. Watch this space.
    Your pal

  11. K_tigress replied:

    Very cool. Kind of reminds me of dino footprints or the clay impressions I made of my dove’s feet when I was still in grade school. Sure does make a nice sentimental souvenir of my very first dove I had. She passed away some time in 2003 I think and I had her since 84. 🙂

    Oh yeah the neighbor hood doves have been hard at work along with the squirrels too in their very own mud patch near the bird feeder creating their own art. Only thing is that the squirrels are usually making a pig of them selves.

  12. ‘One Step Beyond’ by Gary Pigeon | Pigeon Blog replied:

    […] said that what he’s actually been working on is a continuation of his statement street art. Remember the quite brilliant ‘Flight Control’? Well check this out. I’m honored to be able to post it too as it’s the first time […]

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