Joey from NYC

Last week I mentioned that a pigeon from New York got in touch. His name is Joey Peroni, as in the beer. His family were also originally from the Italian quarter in Chicago, which is how he knows Rocco (see last post).

Anyway, we’ve had a few emails backwards and forwards. Top pigeon. Seriously. Great sense of humour and likes a drink, unlike most other American pigeons, according to Joey.

Here he is:

It’s a good look, pose aside.

Turns out Joey has always wanted to come to London. He even tried to kick off a Pigeon Exchange Programme a few years back, but there weren’t enough takers. Not surprising seeing as I was one of the only pigeons online at the time. I’d have done it if I’d known you back then, Joey.

I’ve learnt loads about NYC. It does sound like the dog’s bollox of a place to be. I told him I’d had dealings with the people over there that organise National Pigeon Appreciation Day. Said I’d tried to get the ball rolling on one in London, but didn’t get very far, largely due to pigeons not being appreciated by anyone, not even the weirdos.

I told him about all the anti-pigeon activity that’s been going on over here the past few years. The feeding ban, increase in the use of spikes, serial killer hawks etc. I also told him that there was a huge protest fly-by back in 2009. It was genius.

Pigeons from as far afield as Northampton and Bedford.

Amazing stuff:

Click on the link below for more, and work your way up from the bottom for the full story.

It was also round about the time I had my Operation Stop The Squirrel going on, but that’s another story.

He replied saying it’s the same over there with the rise of the anti-pigeon vibe, and sent me a photo of a sign:

He said nearly all the squares have them now.

So, me and Joey are going to keep in touch. Also, knowing I’m a bit of an art fan, he’s going to hook me up with another pigeon. A ex-pat street artist called Gary. Looking forward to that one.

Another interesting bit of lowdown is that Joey uses a tablet. Much easier than a keyboard, apparently. I’ve never given one a shot. All he has to do is tap his toes on the letters on the screen. He said it’s the way to go, apart from the scrolling which can be a pain in the arse, literally.

May have to give it a go.

In the meantime, big up to my new American pals.

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  1. Paul Austin replied:

    Loving the guys from across the pond

  2. Posh Pigeon replied:

    Posh Pigeon here. Your news makes me sad. Over to Buffy, human.
    I love pigeons and make no apology for it. Such beauty, such fearlessness, such success at keeping the species going despite all that humans do to kill them off. I feed them on my fire escape. Yes they pooh, but I feel their feathers on my fingers and have their trust….bloody well worth a bit of pooh.
    FEED THE PIGEONS. I shall stick signs of that up all over my area. That’ll make me well loved. I have the most superb white one with big big dark eyes that I’ve fallen in love with.
    Posh Pigeon back. eah. We like Buffy. But we’ll still crap allover her fire escape……it’s in buit, sorry…..

  3. K_tigress replied:

    I can see both sides of the coin. On one hand, some pigeons have a bad habit of eating all kinds of unsavory stuff such as humans “upchuck” and mystery food things. Then there’s the whole world is your bathroom thing. Then that’s when the disease association comes in. So that really builds up the flying rat rep.
    On the other hand, us animal lovers see the gentle , beauty and sometimes comical half of the pigeon. Also don’t forget how often they helped man in wars, in art, medical understanding and even technical advances believe it or not. One of the most fascinating tech I have heard about was sometime in ww2 or sometime after, scientists were experimenting on creating a smart bomb. So some brainiac came up with the crazy scheme of using a pigeon as a navigator for a bomb. They would first train a pigeon to peck at a certain spot guiding the missile to where it was to detonate. Since pigeons have excellent navigating skills they thought it was great idea to use a pigeon for this. But in the end and lucky for the pigeon kind the idea was never implemented. Look up the story on line for a more accurate telling.

    As what I think of our feathery friends, I think they’re just another cool and interesting animal. Like my doves. Just lay off the bad habit of eating expelled human leftovers if you know what I mean.

  4. Jane Hendy replied:

    Glad to see you are getting political Brian.
    It is humans who cause all the suffering on this earth, not pigeons.
    Pigeons are neither dirty nor diseased, they are beautiful, intelligent, misunderstood animals.
    I love you pigeons!!!!

  5. SimplyLondon replied:

    Okay first things first, giving a pigeon a name is adorable and nice but how would someone be able to recognize which one is Joey from a hundred of pigeons? I just wonder how and one thing the rule that says don’t feed the pigeons seems to be kinda harsh! I just don’t like it!

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    […] sent NYC Joey an email never thinking I’d get a reply, but I did, and it wasn’t […]

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