Snow Gone. Time To Move On…

As always happens in London, the snow all came and went in a couple of days. Up to our knees we were in a slushy nightmare. Anyway, sledging was fun even though all we managed to do was tow each other around a bit. Turned out that carrying a foil throwaway box in the air any distance was too much like hard work. Good times, unlike now. Really not much going on in London at all these days. As far as I can make out, there’s not much happening this year full stop. Flat as a soggy pancake.

2012 was all about massive amounts of tourists and parties, and then there was the Olympics and my stint at Time Out. This year, nothing. Nada. Fuck all, so I’m considering moving to Brighton. Been there a couple of times and there’s a pretty good scene going on.

Put it this way, this was the biggest laugh we’ve had since the snow:

Eating shit off the floor in Waterloo Station, and that was only because it was pissing down. Hardly comedy genius.

At least in Brighton you can get yourself a nice sunny-aspect ledge like this one and stare out to sea all day:

Bit of coastal meditation could do me the world of good. Change my perspective a bit. Get the old creative juices going again, especially if I can crack the comedy scene down there. Heard the pigeons in Hove have got a great night going on under the pier on a Wednesday.

For a start, I know I’d write a whole lot more because I’d actually have something interesting to write about.

I mentioned the idea to Mart who was right into it soon as I mentioned the word ‘explore’. He said he’d love nothing better than to spend his days exploring just like in the film, ‘The Explorers’. Jesus.
Anyway, watch this space.

January 30, 2013. Uncategorized.


  1. Dodu Pigeon replied:

    Good to have news Brian. Glad you enjoy yourself… Meanwhile in Montréal we have roller coaster weather as usual. 8 C today, we had -28 last week. We let in a fellow pigeon who was frozen on the street. Wise guy… Hé ! doesn’t he seem to enjoy himself indoors?

    Stay safe!
    Dodu Pigeon and friend

  2. Posh pigeon replied:

    Hi Brian.. you sound a bit glum and that makes me sad….your news always a giggle to me, and your pics are the best. Sometimes life a bit flat but better than my mate who’s only got one foot…his life never flat …up,down,up,down, I swear his other leg now twice the size of his bad one. He gets self conscious but us girls like it, it’s a bit heroic. Like all warriors, he won’t tell how he lost it. Nasty mate of his sez he just got it stuck down a drain. Keep it going from Brighton if you migrate.

  3. K_tigress replied:

    That sounds about right. In the case of my doves. Eat, run around and prospect for sex and that’s most of the waking hours and occasionally poop on the girls head that takes car of you. For some added excitement make the girl who takes care of your needs search for a hiding individual in the flying room and make sure its a really good hiding spot where it takes the rest of the night to find the little feathered bugger. Then act like nothing happened and prospect for sex at 2 am in the morning. *rolles eyes*

  4. Dalton replied:

    If your doing a country tour, do come and visit me!

  5. LunSei replied:

    As we say here – when there’s no seeds around, it’s time to preen your feathers. Well no not really, that’s something -I- say actually. But still. Maybe the lack of news or events is an occasion for pondering stuff, y’know?

    Remember we’re always looking for your updates. You’re a point of reference for pigeons overseas, too! 🙂

  6. customfishbowls replied:

    Pidgeons are so determined! always wanting to suckseed!

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