Pigeons Protest Against Starbucks Spikes

It’s been a while since I posted, but that’s mainly because I’ve been busy. No excuse I know, but it’s true. First off, I’m thinking of moving and have been looking into potential destinations. After all these years struggling in London, I reckon I’ve had my fill. There’s just too many of us with not enough throwaway to go round, and when I read the other day about that BBC hawk chewing on a pigeon, that was the final straw. The odd stray one accidentally downing a pigeon because it’s hungry, fair enough. Showing off in front of a load of BBC staff however – not on. Why do the BBC need hawks anyway? Trafalgar Square, I sort of get it seeing as it used to be such a hang out, and still is, but we don’t even like the new BBC building. It sucks arse. The only pigeons who go there are either star spotters hoping to catch a glimpse of Bruce Forsyth, or they’re lost. Give it up, BBC. You’re not that great.

Another nail in London’s coffin is the lack of decent ledges. Back in the day there were plenty to go round. Now, no chance, especially in the West End where they’re strictly on a first come first served basis, and spikes have clearly come down in price because every fucker appears to be getting them.

Yesterday, I found some pigeons finally making some noise about it outside Starbucks on Carnaby Street:

Bring it on.

I spoke to one of them. Debra from Dulwich (left):

“I can’t believe how many spikes there are these days.” She said. “They’re everywhere. It’s especially hard if you’re a larger pigeon like me who needs a slightly wider ledge…”

She went on to say they intend to sit up there every day until the spikes are removed. Fair play, although I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen any time soon.

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  1. Dodu Pigeon replied:

    Hé Brian! Come to my loft in Montréal. There is that crazy woman who feed and water us every morning. We can sometimes use her laptop too.

  2. Posh Pigeon replied:

    Absolutely agree,it’s a minefield of spikes in my place, you find a new perch place and they come and spike it next day, it gets me down…where’s a girl to sit and preen these days? Mind you, if you’re inventive, some of the aathletic boys can get on and squeeze inbetween. So I’dinvite you to my place but it’s as bad as your place. What are ledges for, for God’s sake. get your onesies on for this weekend, I’ve got mine ready.

  3. Dalton replied:

    Typist always fancied the idea of setting up a pigeon rescue. She hates that people care so mean to them and kick them on purpose! You could have the first place?

  4. helo man replied:


  5. Dark Souls 2 replied:

    Funny, really greats pic, love them.

    What camera did you use to take them?

  6. 23 Pictures That Prove Pigeons Are Actually The Best | Greate info replied:

    […] pigeonblog.wordpress.com […]

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