2013 – Pigeons Already Considering Migration

As last year came to its inevitably soggy conclusion it looks like 2012 is officially the wettest on record. You don’t say. Frankly, things had better improve in 2013 on the weather front. There’s already talk of a new migratory policy and it’s only January 2nd.

The only snag is, how do we do it? All those in the know, i.e. all those that fuck off every year, have already fucked off, so it looks like we’ll have to wait till the spring when they come back to get the low down.

We just need some detail. Where to go? How far is it? Best en route stop-offs etc.? I’m sure we can make it to Morocco at the very least. Who’s with me?

Any of you in any doubt, just take a look at this poor fucker sifting through a pile of wet sick on a Monday morning:

Enough said.

Anyway – Happy New Year!

January 2, 2013. Uncategorized.


  1. Animalcouriers replied:

    Get the hell out of there while you can, Brian

  2. Joan Wilson Manchester replied:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all pigeons everywhere, good luck with the migration thoughts the way britain treats its pigeon population is disgusting especially in manchester. im being hounded by the council. pigeons to me are just as special as any other bird in the sky. good luck at what you decide, lets hope the weather gets better for our wildlife

  3. Posh Pigeon replied:

    Yeah! Look, all the pigeons in the war flew from go knows where back to here, we can do the reverse! get a nice tan (got to be where those brown poncey pigeons get their brownness) …we can do it! So where do we get the passports, and will my rings set off the security alarms crossing the channel…..and how much handbaggage ooooh I’m getting all excited.

  4. Dalton replied:

    Happy New year to you all! Do you not think you would miss the constant cold and rain? I am told sun is over-rated anyway! Your right I can’t even convince myself – if you migrate can I come with you? Dog’s can migrate right??

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