Goodbye Summer. It’s Been Fun.

So that’s that then. The Olympics are all over, and it looks like they took the summer with them. Time for the leaves to fall off and the days to get shorter. Bummer. Quite mad that it all ended with the hottest day ever. Hotter than Mexico, apparently. Have to say, and I reckon this goes for all the pigeons in London, it’s been a blast. Never seen so many tourists knocking about. Managed to get at least one game of Shit or Miss in most days.

Here’s Mike preparing for a classic head shot:

Total genius. Even managed some splash back into the Coke.

Next Pigeon Olympics I reckon we should definitely include it as one of the sports.

It has been a rocking summer though, which explains the posts being a bit short on the ground. Just been having too much fun. Never seen so much decent throwaway either, not for years. Everywhere we went in London there was something to be had. Found an entire hot dog the other day just lying there.

So it’s back down to earth now and London already feels bored. Worryingly I saw some Christmas shit in a shop window yesterday. Kid you not. Mental. Christmas shouldn’t be talked about till at least November, surely?

So, what’s next? Apart from hunting down my pal Murray at Wimbledon to let him know that, amazingly, his hero won the US Open last night, I’ve no idea.

Mart suggested a trip up north might be fun. Not been further than Watford for a long time. Could be fun?

September 11, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. mandy replied:

    We’d love to have you up here Brian. Don’t recommend going north at this time of year though. It’s freezing up here in scotland:(

  2. Ali from the Pally replied:

    Don’t do it Brian, just flew back from visiting rellies in Scotland …………. never again. Up there they daren’t even moult for fear of frostbite or at least mild hypothermia. Cold enough in London tonight, so spending it in a covered car park at IKEA. God, I’m depressed.

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