Pigeon Paralympics, Anyone?

A few of you suggested a Pigeon Paralympics. Unfortunately, and I hate to say it, but we couldn’t muster up enough interest in the end. Most of the disabled pigeons we asked thought we were taking the piss. Even Clubfoot Colin wasn’t happy, although that was probably down to the cider he’s been on all morning.

Remember Clubfoot Colin?:

So, after such a poor response, I’m putting it out there. If anyone knows any disabled pigeons up for a bit of sporting action, let me know. Even getting a team together so they’re ready for next time would be good. One thing’s for certain, Club Foot Chip Toss it would be a great way of raising awareness of the dangers of standing in your own shit for too long.

Moving on, I was talking to Mart the other day about the massive development in Elephant & Castle. The one where Heygate Estate is about to be flattened. Not good, especially seeing as it’s mostly empty and currently home to hundreds of pigeons. Anyway, Mart thought I said they were building a massive elephant. Pissed myself. When I thought about it though, it’s actually a much better idea all round. A massive elephant slap bang in the heart of Elephant & Castle. Genius.

September 5, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. Animalcouriers replied:

    Could you extend it to Seagulls? Might be able to muster a few more to the cause.

  2. Clubfoot Colin | Pigeon Blog replied:

    […] into Clubfoot Colin […]

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