Olga Wins Gold In The Wing Stretch Final

Firm favorite, Olga, went on to win Gold for Team London in the final event in the 2012 Pigeon Olympics, the Wing Stretch. It was an amazing performance and no-one came anywhere near.

Here she is with her penultimate stretch:

And this was the final move that got her the Gold she so deserved:

Beautiful stuff.

So, that’s it. All over for another four years, and it’s been brilliant. Every minute of it. I was on my way to Stratford when I thought I had to post this. London ended up top of the medals table in the Pigeon Olympics. Total genius. Talk about inspiring a generation.

Right. Off to party. Don’t hold your breath for a post tomorrow.

Night all.

August 12, 2012. London Pigeon Olympics 2012, Uncategorized.


  1. Glen Turner replied:

    Have a good time at the party! Don’t fall off your perch….

  2. Animalcouriers replied:

    Have a riot – you all deserve it. There will no doubt be hot and cold vom thrown on for you and hopefully some great special brew.

  3. Gillian Hardy replied:

    How did Team Yorkshire do?

  4. Ali at the Pally replied:

    I still think Olga has hormone problems – that tail stretch was just so male. Thank god our Closing Ceremony was nothing like the other one – I’d have stuck my beak under my wing and gone to sleep

    • Talwin replied:

      A at the P. Too bloody right: something not right there. Oleg more like

  5. elfkat replied:

    Reblogged this on Adventures and Musings of a Hedgewitch.

  6. Sundry replied:

    Stellar coverage, Brian. Hope that Olga’s just showing some Teutonic influences in her heritage and that doping won’t raise it’s ugly head in the path of her triumph.

  7. Christine Harmer replied:

    Never seen such wonderful stretches, yes Gold so well earned, must have taken so long to get that good, very early mornings in all weathers, etc. etc. Enjoy the party…..

  8. Londres Calling replied:

    Hello Monsieur Pigeon,
    Here’s a little portrait of you, hope you like it!
    (it’s a story in french about great london blogs)
    À bientôt

  9. kk replied:

    I am a pigeon-feeder in Hong Kong for ten years..sorry to interrupt, but wanna ask webmaster whether you are fond of taking photo of pigeons? adoring them? or feeding them?

    Have webmaster visited HK? Life of pigeons here is really hard, since 2003-06-15 (Day of feeding made illegal). Really daunting to see what is happening to pigeons in HK…

  10. mandy replied:

    Olga looks gorgeous. Doing that stretch on such a thin stone ledge the width of a brick. That’s a well deserved gold she got there

  11. typhoon2099 replied:

    Don’t you mean “Pigeolympics”?

  12. Inventories London replied:

    Now that is one georgeous lady 🙂

  13. London, It’s Good To Be Back. | Pigeon Blog replied:

    […] First off, London, remind me why I left in the first place? I feel like a whole new pigeon coming back to roost on my roots. For starters, I’m way better connected to the pigeon world just like in the old days. Also turns out Chiswick really is the place to be for the retiring pigeon. Even though I’m a bit of a way off, it’s food for thought for the future. There’s loads to do here, and no need to fly any long distances. Suits me just fine! Wings really don’t carry it like they used to. Know what I mean? Frankly, anything more than an hour and I’m stiff for days. Maybe I should take up yoga? Where’s Olga when you need her? […]

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