This Is It. Pigeon Olympics 2012.

It’s all happening today. The 2012 Pigeon Olympics are kicking off big style. Starting in St James’s Park and ending up in Hyde park it’s already kicking it hard, and it’s only 4. Can’t wait. Hoping for the party to end all parties. Can’t promise much on the posting front tomorrow. Saying that, in my official capacity as Olympic commentator for Time Out magazine, I’ve got to hit the other Opening Ceremony too at some point. Looking forward to clinging to the roof for ten hours, not. May make an appearance. You never know. Possibly around the time the birds with wings on bikes come out. WTF? And there I was thinking birds weren’t allowed.

Weather pending, watch this space for some video coverage of our very own opening ceremony. Exciting stuff.

I went backstage yesterday to check out the score. Managed to grab a couple of interviews.

Here’s Mike, Head of Security, St James’s Park:

He said he was preparing for some carnage.

And here’s Phil, Head of Backstage, Catering sussing out the throwaway situation:

“Loads of bins, and no one bothers to empty them. If you have allergies I suggest you eat before you arrive. Can’t say there’s much in the way of variety. Mainly chips and white bread.”

It’s hard work for everyone now as the finishing touches are made to the greatest show on earth. The opening ceremony of the London 2012 Pigeon Olympics. Bring it on.

Let’s hope it doesn’t piss it down. A bit of light rain, fine. Monsoon, no thanks.

So far, so good…

July 27, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. Animalcouriers replied:

    Yay – have a great party Brian. Hope you’re fit for reporting tomorrow.

  2. Ali from the Pally replied:

    Hey – I think I spotted you fly through the stadium on one of those big screens during the Opening Ceremony – it certainly looked pretty random so assume it wasn’t part of the choreography. Can’t be many pigeons have been watched by billions. I trust it won’t change you – after all flying to LA could be a bit wearisome

  3. mandy replied:

    I loved the doves/pigeons on bikes:) Thought you would approve of that:) When I heard them announce “doves of peace” I had visions of what happened at the 1988 olympics when some of the doves flew into the flames and were burnt alive !:( I was so relieved when I saw they were fake ones, and on bikes too. Very effective. Much better. I loved it, thought it showed that Britain cares about the welfare of animals – on some occasions at least:)

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