Bloody Hell, It’s Sunny

Unbelievable. Hardly know what to do with myself. The sun has finally come out. Not only am I dry, I’m hot. It’s a fucking miracle, and all just in time for the Olympics. Bring it on. I’m finally back on my ledge too which is great. No more bridges for me for a while. There’s moss here now after all that rain. Lots of it, but it’s a bit like someone came along and laid me a carpet as a surprise. Very comfortable indeed. Had a random pigeon turn up asking if there was space for him to live there too. Word about the new flooring had clearly spread. I had to say no. It’s hard enough with just me and Mart. Throw a total stranger into the mix and it could get weird.

Anyway, hit Trafalgar Square yesterday. Going there again today. Best place in the world when it’s sunny, apart from the tourists. They really are everywhere. Pigeons from all over. Could hardly understand a word anyone was saying. Still, least the sunshine means the mood is good.

Another thing the sunshine means is the 2012 Pigeon Olympics is going to happen afterall. Kicking off on Friday night with the Opening Ceremony. Of course it won’t be quite the do happening in Stratford, but still worth going to. Details to follow but the rumor is it’s in St James’s Park. I’ll have to join it later though. Being the Olympic commentator for Time Out magazine means I need to put in some sort of an appearance over in East London. Quick butchers at the cows and sheep and fuck off.

Also, just to be clear, and for those of you with a shortage of brain, the 2012 Pigeon Olympics has no connection whatsoever with the shooting, racing or eating of pigeons. Someone actually thought it might and raised an objection to it. WTF? As if. It’s a proper celebration of pigeons who do sport featuring events like Chip Tossing, Bread Tug and Synchronised Landing, you idiot.

Yesterday though, pigeons everywhere stopped stretching, running and throwing chips in the air, and just relaxed.

It was all about kicking back and enjoying the sunshine:

Good times.

July 23, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. Animalcouriers replied:

    Great news about the PO going ahead – we were right pissed off for you.

  2. Gary replied:

    Pleased to hear you’re back home with Mart and real good news about the PO. Is there a highlights programme in the evenings so those of us that can’t make it due to work can catch up with events?

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