Pigeon Olympics Committee Investigates Indoor Venues

This weather really does suck arse, big time. Will it ever stop, that’s the question? Mart and me are now living permanently under Waterloo Bridge for the foreseeable. It’s like a refugee camp under here. Pigeons from all over squeezing onto what little ledge space there is with more arriving every day. I got stuck next to a couple from Liverpool last night. Wanged on for hours. Didn’t stop. Hardly slept a wink.

As for the Pigeon Olympics, seeing as the whole thing’s looking like a total wash out, indoor locations are being investigated as alternative venues. Indoor locations like stations, for example. The only snag with stations is the floor tends to be shiny and can get slippery when wet, which makes certain sports like Chip Toss a bit of a nightmare, even for the hardened professional.

Here’s the Brighton team giving it a go:

See what I mean? Just a simple pass can send you arse over tit.

Also, seeing as the London Pigeon Olympics need to be based in London, we’re talking stations like Waterloo and London Bridge which are going to be heaving.

Playable chips are hard to come by too, as we discovered yesterday:

Flat as you like. Couldn’t even peel it off never mind chuck it in the air.

Anyway, hopefully we won’t need stations, or anywhere under cover. The sun has to come out sometime, surely?

July 10, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. Lammi replied:

    Once again Pigeon Blog cheers up my day whether in a moment of procrastinating or in a much more dedicated half hour of procrastinating… There is no better antidote to the monotony of working life…
    Thank you

  2. Talwin replied:

    Speaking on matters sporting (which I guess you were), are you able to say how your mate Murray took the stuffing inflicted by Federer on his idol, the other Murray, in the Wimbledon men’s final the other day.

    I’m betting your heroic ancestors, the war-time carrier-pigeons, would have offered a view; LMF, that’s what.

  3. Talwin replied:

    I felt I should come back because, having reflected on my earlier post, I realise that for those not of certain age, the abbeviation LMF may be so unfamilar that the curious may research it. Were they to do so they may find that LMF is, coincidentally, the unlikely name for ‘Lazy Mutha Fucka’, the equally unlikely Cantonese hip-hop band from Hong Kong.

    Of course I never meant that wartime carrier pigeons would think to call Andy Murray a ‘lazy mutha fucka’ (although…..thinking about it…..), surely to them an alien epithet. No, I meant LMF as in ‘Lack of Moral Fibre’.

  4. Sundry replied:

    Unplayable chips…ha!

  5. Christine Harmer replied:

    Keep on keeping on, all doing very well, let’s hope plenty of good chips are dropped…..

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