Pigeons Of London – Bring It On

Finally it looks like the pigeon is having its day.

After six whole years of telling it how it is for the pigeons of London, the pigeon’s time has come. Bring it on.

Check out ‘The Unnatural History of London’. It was on BBC2 last night. Not only does it big us up, a lot, I even managed to make a brief appearance.

If you want to see it on BBC iPlayer, go here.

Nice one Passion Pictures.

Power to the Pigeon.

June 19, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. Michael Rowe replied:

    I watched last night – Pigeons certainly stole the show. Is a fly-by planned for opening show at the Olympics?

    Best wishes


    • pigeonblog replied:

      Absolutely. We’re holding our own Pigeon Olympics too so plenty of pigeon action planned for this summer. Watch this space.
      Your pal
      Bri Pigeon

  2. joan wilson manchester replied:

    i watched the programme last nightit was really good, i decided to join your blog. i love pigeons i think there really amazing birds too. i actually rescued one a few years back a young one that had recently left the nest ,its was starving and was at deaths door. it lived in and out of our home for 6mths and it came when we called its name. we transformed the bedroom into a bird friendly envirement and it thrived, it was a brown pigeon and it lived for four years, it came every day and night for seeds.

    • pigeonblog replied:

      You is a true pal to the pigeons. Nice one, and welcome to the blog!
      Your new pal
      Brian Pigeon

  3. Sharon Walton replied:

    Dear Brian,
    Having seen you and your squadron on TV last night I felt obliged to find out more by following your blog. I must say I was very impressed with the way you handled the cameras, what a handsome fellow you are, no wonder you are popular with the ladies. Some of your friends alas looked a little challenged on the foot front. Do you think this works in your favour regarding the more attractive girls in the area? I myself live in the Sussex countryside and am pure white in colour, my legs and feet are a pretty red colour and perfect in every way, and yes I am a girl 🙂 so I would just like to say that if you are ever thinking of doing air shows in the area, maybe you would like to stop by. We have the choicest of food on the bird table ranging from Sunflower hearts to kibbled peanuts, and my roost is only meters away. So Brian, keep me in mind 8>O<
    Your biggest fan
    Doris Dove

    • pigeonblog replied:

      Absolutely I will. You sound lovely, and are also offering kibbled peanuts. Not sure I’ve had them before, but they sound great. If ever you’re down this way, do look me up (and bring a kibbled peanut).
      Your new pal
      Bri P

  4. Animalcouriers replied:

    Brian mate, you’re doing a fine line in drumming up interest in the Pigeon Olympics – they’re going to be BIG.

  5. Katy w replied:

    I was peeking into a human’s house last night and I saw you on television. And what an avian revelation you are, Mr Brian, a debonair-borne gent (well, all that canoodling made my chest blush even more – I’m an Essex robin). Just wanted to pop onto your blog and say thanks for doing it for the feathered brethren, and I thought your human was an exceptionally entertaining and bird-wise too. I don’t know how you type the blog, it’s easier to navigate the back roads of Colchester than to use a keyboard with my delicate toes. Any tips? Ta ta. Power to the pigeons.

    Rose Robin

    • pigeonblog replied:

      Yo Rose Robin. Tips on typing is just to practice. I used to use the beak a lot but had to cut that down. It’s not easy though and can make the toes sore if you do it for too long.
      Cheers for the big up.
      Your new pal

  6. George The Lad replied:

    I saw you Brian!! was watching the pigeons and thought I wonder if Brian is there. OMG yes you were. 4 paws up to you, OK, OK feathers 🙂 Dad at the time was just catching up reading your blog!!! that was some coincidence

    • pigeonblog replied:

      Nice one! Can’t believe how many people actually saw me. I was only on the screen for the briefest of moments. Course I’d love to do more if I’m ever asked!
      Your pal

  7. joan wilson manchester replied:

    its makes a nice change brian, a pigeon is an amazing flying machine, maybe people wont be as condemming as they usual are. im providing you kin folk regular food (and i dont just mean bread) water and a place to rest from the madding crowd, trouble is my neighbours arent happy especially when theres more than50 on my roof. even the council have sent me letters about the damage and distress i am causing in my neighbourhood. even to the exstent of eviction. well im on board with the pigeon army of manchester and will be proud to back your kind. have people forgotten all your brave ancesters who have done great things even won the p.d.s.a Dickens Medal many times. mind how you go.

    • pigeonblog replied:

      Hi Joan. Wow. A proper hardcore pigeon crusader. Good on ya. Bet you’ve got the happiest pigeons around on your roof. There’s nothing better than a warm welcoming roof in winter, especially when there’s free food thrown into the mix. Sounds like heaven! Say hi to them from me and tell them I’d love to swing by if ever I’m in the Manchester area.
      Your new pal
      Brian Pigeon

  8. RoooRoooo replied:

    A pity that the stream is not available outside the UK! It’s amazing how fast you’re becoming famous, all this while serving the cause of the pigeon. Hope to see a time when not feeding pigeons will be fined.
    Good luck with the final preparations of the Pigeon Olympics – I’m sure the opening ceremony will be grand.


    • pigeonblog replied:

      Yo RoooRoooo. Cheers loads for all your support! Yep – the opening ceremony should be good, although I’m not sure how London is going to cope under the strain of so many pigeons…
      Your pal

      • joan wilson manchester replied:

        youll have mr danny boyle asking you to bring a few friends along to the opening ceremony, landing on the cricket green. watch the pigeon post.

  9. Sundry replied:

    The video is unavailable to U.S. residents. About to get all sweary. This never ending dickishness in retaliation for a little Revolution is beyond tiresome.

    • pigeonblog replied:

      I know. It’s rubbish. Sorry. If I could upload it myself, I would, but the BBC would probably come after me with all sorts of hawks and spikes. That said, I may be able to upload a little bit… Leave it with me.
      Your pal

      • Sundry replied:

        You, sir, are a pigeon among pigeons.

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