Pigeon Olympics 2012 Torch Relay

Seeing as the 27th of July isn’t actually that far away now, we’re talking about the Pigeon Olympics torch relay. Probably kicking off next week. Current thinking is we do it with something like this:

The route will be announced this week.

June 17, 2012. London Pigeon Olympics 2012.


  1. Howard replied:

    Just seen you on the telly in Natural World. Famous or wot. LOL

    • pigeonblog replied:

      Cheers, pal. Bit weird, but love the placing against the foxes.
      Your pal

  2. confused pigeon replied:

    Tell you what Brian, I’ve blagged an entire box of matches. Make great pigeon sized Olympic flames. Sell you a dozen for five pound mate.

    • pigeonblog replied:

      Pretty sure one flap of the wings and the bastard thing would go out. Thanks for the suggestion though.

      • confused pigeon replied:

        It’s all excuses with you isn’t it, you bloated bag of baguette bits, that lipstick isn’t my color, my wing’ll put the torch out. You’ll be reduced to doing the seafront shelters at brighton blagging teacakes off pensioners by the time you’re ten.

      • pigeonblog replied:

        Wouldn’t complain. Love a tea cake, especially with hundreds and thousands. `

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