National Pigeon Appreciation Day Celebrations

Today’s the day. National Pigeon Appreciation Day. Genius. Pigeons everywhere are partying, and partying hard, and it’s only just got started. Here’s the piece I did on it for the Time Out blog this morning.

I went down to Trafalgar Square for the kick off at 3. Even by the time I got there, everywhere you looked there were pigeons dancing their tits off:

The atmosphere was electric.

Even Clubfoot Earl was giving it a go. Fair play:

Everyone looked like they were having a great time, then I discovered why. A puddle, with beer. Fuckin’ A. Not sure what it was, but judging by the kick, I reckon it was easily over 5%:

Fat Nige was twatted. Apparently he was the one who discovered the beer, so he just sat in the middle of it getting slowly wankered one sip at a time. Probably won’t move for the duration.

Then the fly-by happened led by Roger from Lewisham, and the whole Square went wild:

So, it’s all on. I’m off to Soho Square now to join the celebrations there. Anyone around who fancies coming down, do.

Watch this space tomorrow for an update on what I’m sure will be utter carnage. Not sure what time as I’m planning on going as large as I possibly can. Bring it on.

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  1. Animalcouriers replied:

    Hey Brian – this is a serious gig with Time Out then. Make sure you can still pass through London incognito 😉 Enjoy the rest of the day and look forward to the write up (if you can remember any of it)

  2. Take Part In The Cockney Sparrow Survey | Londonist replied:

    […] balance, we should also point out that yesterday was Pigeon Appreciation Day. At least according to this attention-seeking pigeon.Image by Luke Robinson in the Londonist Flickr pool. TweetMiscellaneous Tagged: bird, house […]

  3. Take Part In The Cockney Sparrow Survey | replied:

    […] And, for the sake of inter-species balance, we should also point out that yesterday was Pigeon Appreciation Day. At least according to this attention-seeking pigeon. […]

  4. MouldyOldDough replied:

    After all that matrixy2 pigeon dancin’ fest, I felt it was my duty to collect up all the pigeon tits and I have placed them for safe keeping, in a Morrisons reusable carrier bag. Its nestled safely in the vege tray of my fridge. If any of the guys woke up titless this morning, they are cordially invited to pop in for a cuppa and a rummage through the bag. proof of address and ID required before release of tits… obviously… they’ll be queuing down the alley…

    • pigeonblog replied:

      Errr… I’ll pass the word round. Not really a tit pigeon myself though.
      Your pal
      Brian Pigeon

  5. mikelahelmsp replied:

    Reblogged this on Mike Helms Page.

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    […] National Pigeon Day Celebrations by Brian Pigeon […]

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    […] Click here if you want to read my coverage. There’s also a link to the piece I wrote for Time … […]

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