What’s Up With The Weather?

What was that all about yesterday? Mental. Got blown about all over the place. Literally. Aimed for Trafalgar Square and ended up in Westminster. Fucking ridiculous. Word on the street is it’s going to carry on like it for a while. Apart from a bit of sun today, it’s bollocks for the foreseeable. Jesus. Couple of weeks ago I was sweating my feathers off. WTF? Not on.

I managed to hook up with my pal Eddy in between gusts:

“I’m absolutely fucking knackered.” That was all he could say having flown from Hackney.

I went out and about this morning and asked a couple of pigeons what they thought of it. Unsurprisingly, it was a resounding ‘utterly shit’.

This is Trevor. As you can see, Trevor only has one leg:

I asked him how he coped with the extremes of yesterday.

“Getting about on one leg is hard enough,” He said. “Never mind when it’s blowing a hurricane and raining all day. It was a bloody nightmare. Tried to sit in a tree but couldn’t hold on for the life of me.”

So make sure you make the most of the sunshine today. Get out there. Have fun. Hang out, because it could be the last time you see it for a while.

June 9, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. Animalcouriers replied:

    We hear it’s sodding awful – you should hop on a ferry mate and make your way sarth!

  2. Dan Anthony replied:

    Amazing blog:) love pigeons, I have a regular one who perches on my window still everyday.

    • pigeonblog replied:

      Cheers! Send me a pic of the lucky fella. Bet his sill beats my ledge any day.

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