Jubilee Pigeon Party on Old Compton Street

Never had a day like yesterday. Genius. Bit worse for wear by the time we hit the branch near Buckingham Palace to watch the Jubilee concert. Probably wouldn’t have stayed as long had I not been. It was also the perfect opportunity for some Shit or Miss, which we did. Hilarious, although mine mostly missed. Terrible in fact. Closest I came to a hit was the wall behind Lenny Henry. Mart managed a corker on some dancing bald guy near the front.

Basically, it had all started much earlier in the day. Philip and James, two pals from Soho, had organized a street party on Old Compton Street. It was pretty mellow at first, then someone spotted a puddle of cappuccino, and it all went downhill from there. Carnage:

Off our tits, some of us more than others. Check out Gary on the left in this one with his eyes half closed:

Seem to remember he was stood there like that for quite some time.

The day before we all decided to see if we could hitch a ride on the flotilla. Never seen so many boats. A couple of us managed to land on the biggest one we could find, until we realised it was only the one with the Queen on it, so we fucked off sharpish before we got a Royal boot up the arse.

Anyway, feeling a bit better now so we’re off to the Mall now for a bit more Shit or Miss. Got to be done. If you’re in London and at a lose end, fly on down and join us. We’ll be in last tree on the left.

June 5, 2012. Uncategorized.

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