Spring Is In The Air In Soho Square

I’m all up for bringing on the sunshine and hot air and all that, but not if it means every pigeon in town wants to get it on in public.

Jesus. I’ve never seen so much heavy petting. It’s like they’ve all been saving it up since January.

I almost said something to this pair in Soho Square yesterday.

It was like watching porn, but not in a good way:

They were literally down each other’s throats, and did it for ages. Totally unnecessary.

Here they are again, ten minutes into it.

Get a room, or at the very least get under a bush. Unbelievable:

“You have a bit.”

“No, you have a bit.”

“No… you have a bit.”

Whole thing made me want to be sick, not that I’m bitter or anything. Were I to meet the pigeon of my dreams, unlikely though it is, I would keep it subtle. This kind of behavior should be left in the nest. End of.

May 24, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. Animalcouriers replied:

    Disgusting. Give a pigeon a bad name, they would.

  2. Paul replied:

    Thats Soho Sq for you…

    • pigeonblog replied:

      It does seem to be worse in Soho… Someone even tried topick me up the other day. That’s not happened in a long time!

  3. joehoover replied:

    Only in Soho…dirty pigeons

    • pigeonblog replied:

      I agree. The whole spitting into beak thing leaves me cold too.

      • joehoover replied:

        suppose they have to do whatever the punter wants.

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