Free Bird And A Burrito

Mart just woke me up from a snooze.

“Brian! Brian! Quick! There’s a stall in Soho giving away a free bird with every burrito!”

Despite the fact it was practically night time, this was something I had to investigate. Thankfully it was just round the corner. A stall giving away free birds? No more hanging around on dusty ledges waiting for that ‘special someone’? Just go to a stall, and get one for free..? Bring it on! And you get a burrito thrown in. A free bird, and a burrito. Too good to be true, especially in the West End.

Anyway, turns out this is what he’d seen:

Twat. Saying that, turns out he wasn’t the only one to have misunderstood the misleading signage. Bill had been there for hours:

“No free birds around here, mate. Think they’ve run out of burritos too… Really fancied myself a burrito. Bollocks.”

October 13, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. joehoover replied:

    Knowing that street and it’s doorways, nothing will be free there especially the ‘birds’

  2. Virginia Gal replied:

    Poor Bill had been there hours, I feel so bad.

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