Big Birds Weekender On Richmond Beach

Got the nod about this the other day. The Big Bird’s Weekender, and this year it was on Richmond Beach. Genius.

Bit of a lost one in the end, which is why it’s taken me till Friday to post it.

Loads of us down there:

Mainly just hung out a lot, and paddled a bit.

Here’s Sally-Ann running off to the river to give it another go:

Not us though. Fuck that. We’d all had enough by then. Water was fucking freezing.

Got chatting to Alan.

Alan’s the heron on the right:

Quite an achievement seeing as Alan doesn’t usually like to talk.

To be honest, Alan never really looks like he’s enjoying himself. Not sure it’s really his thing:

It’s his girlfriend who drags him down there. Literally, apparently. As always though, Miranda is nowhere to be seen.

Got to feel a bit sorry for Alan.

Totally rocking weekend all round. Richmond Beach is the place to be. It’s Ham Common again next time. Not sure if they’ve set a date yet. That said, part of the deal is I keep it quiet. I’m also not sure what the capacity is down there.

Anyway, bring it on. Best weekend in a long time. Beats getting fucked up on ledges any day.

May 19, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Virginia Gal replied:

    how did Mart enjoy it?

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Virginia Gal: Mart spent most of the day chatting to a goose called Lucy with a lisp. He met her trying to paddle. She was alright, as geese go. He also seemed pretty keen to go back this weekend, which we did. Lucy wasn’t there though.
    Your pal

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