Freeeeeeeak of the Weeeeeeeeeek

Pigeon Olympics suggestions continue to flood in. Still figuring out what we can do with the parallel bars though other than stand on them? A favourite of mine so far is the ledge sitting event. Find a good ledge, and sit on it for as long as you can. Sweet. Think I might win that one. Cheers for the suggestion, Paul. Will post the short-list soon. It’s raising quite a lot of interest from potential competitors in the pigeon world too. Formation standing keeps cropping up, particularly from a group from Bath who call themselves the Bath Formation Standers. Think I might do well in that one too, although they do say it’s a ‘highly skilled event requiring stamina, precision and intense concentration’. They sent me this as proof:

I’m not convinced.

Moving on. I used to do something every week called Freeeeeak of the Weeeeek where I would post pictures of the freakiest pigeons I could find. Believe me, I found some right fucking howlers. Pigeons, frankly, not fit to be called pigeons.

I’m thinking of starting it again. Seeing as the pigeon seems to be having its day, which is nice, suddenly there are pictures of total and utter mentalists appearing everywhere. I’d like to dedicate this one to RoooRoooo who always loved the weekly freak. RoooRoooo, this one’s for you, pal:

Never laughed so much in my life. Jesus. Where’s its head? Thinking I might invite it to take part in the 100m sprint. Could be a genius.

May 4, 2011. Freeeak of the Week, Uncategorized.


  1. Bill replied:

    Will there be a place for an Australian team ? We need to know now as so to start the journey – and are kookaburras and emus invited ?

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Bill: Absolutely. A bit of Aussie action on the field would be great. Organising an emu event in London may be tricky though…
    Your pal

  3. Friendofpigeons replied:

    I think Red Rover could be played effectively with two teams facing each other on the parallel bars, Brian.

  4. Bill replied:

    Brian. If you can arrange my travel, accommodation and living expenses, I’ll arrange the emu event.

  5. Bill replied:

    … and a flyover by a squadron of kookaburras !!!

  6. pigeonblog replied:

    friendofpigeons: Genius. See who falls off first?
    Your pal

    Bill: You’re on. Perhaps the kookaburras could perform at the opening ceremony?
    Your pal

  7. Bill replied:

    … and are there plenty of red belly black snakes and brown snakes for the kookaburras to feed on ???

  8. Bill replied:

    … and Quandong trees and billabongs ? – the emus MUST have Quandong trees and a few billabongs. Preferably with a few bunyips in the billabongs, but not mandatory. The Bronze Wing Pigeons have also expressed interest in the trip and are interested in a third place.

  9. pigeonblog replied:

    Bill: Don’t worry. I reckon everyone will be able to squat in St James’s Park. Only issue is the pelicans. Do emus liks pelicans? Could that be a problem?
    Your pal

    • Bill replied:

      Brian – emus and pelicans are both members of the Gunnagetgoinsoon tribe, the emus being more related to the Gottagonow mob with the pelicans being slightly more related to the Gottabigbeakfull mob – I am assured they will not put on a blue providing sufficient amounts of beer are provided and that there will be nice weather.

  10. the beak replied:

    Thats well out of order. Must have been roosting on a hot air vent or something.

  11. pigeonblog replied:

    the beak: Either that or it’s got one fuck off hair dryer.

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