Bernie’s Bender

That was quite possibly the largest weekend I have ever had. Ended up hanging with the Nottingham boys who were meant to be doing a fly-by over the wedding procession. Sadly, they’d all got way too fucked up the night before, and missed the whole thing completely.

Anyway, Mart and Me ended up with Bernie and his pals for the rest of the weekend. Found a large spillage of Proseco in Hyde Park around five, and the rest is history. Woke up on Richmond Green the next day surrounded by a game of fucking cricket. Finally made it back to Soho today via a brief stopover on the Square, and there was Bernie sat on a post. Oh dear. Bernie had it bad:

Check out the vacant stare:

Not sure Bernie’s going to be flying anywhere any time soon. Jesus.

Said he’d lost the rest of them the night before in somewhere called Camden Crawl. Guess that’s that then. I’ll point him towards north tomorrow. Reckon if he tries it today, he’ll probably end up circling Brighton.

May 1, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Friendofpigeons replied:

    What, on average, is the blood alcohol level which will cause intoxication in the average pigeon?

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Friendofpigeons: Sadly, very little, but it tastes so good! Hangovers tend to be short lived though, which is nice.
    Your pal

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