Pigeon April Fools

The sun’s out good and proper now. I’d even class this as warm, or getting there. Bring it on. A whole extra hour of daytime thrown in for good measure too. Sweet.

Out and about this morning dodging all the ridiculous April Fool’s idiots, till I saw Gregor and Archie, and couldn’t resist it.

“Gregor, mate. Heard about the latest trend on the bagel front?”

“No, Brian, I haven’t,” said Gregor on the right.

“Have you Archie?”

“No, Brian. Can’t say that I have…” said Archie on the left.

“Pigeon bagels.”

“No way, man. That’s disgusting. You hear that, Archie? Pigeon bagels!””

“Yep – you heard it here first. That’s a bagel, with a pigeon filling.”

Then they both look down and notice the bagel shop they’re sitting on bakes on the premises. Both of them shat themselves, literally. Never seen a pair of pigeons fly so fast.

Pissed ourselves.

April 1, 2011. Uncategorized.

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