Fox Is England Rugby Fan

Hanging out on the roof of Twickenham about to watch the fairly poor rugby game that just happened between England and Scotland, when out comes a fox. Cheeky as you like. Trotted around for half an hour clearly loving every minute of it. Pretty sure I saw him turn a side profile to the cameras at one point. Jesus.

Anyway, turns out he’s the same dude who turned out last year to watch England loose against Ireland.

Here he is. Not sure, but I think he may have hit the beer before he got there..:

Bottom line is, he’s a big fan. Probably English rugby’s biggest fan. The names Eddy. All he wanted was a signed shirt, but he got booted out before the game even started.

Poor fuck.

Never mind, Eddy. You didn’t miss much.

March 13, 2011. Uncategorized.

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