St James’s Park – A Right Result

Some dudes were filming in St James’s Park yesterday. Word got round they were chucking a load of free seed and bread bits about the place, so loads of us rocked up from Soho. It was true. Not one word a lie. A right fucking result.

Despite the outward appearance of a rather nice ‘Ring of Sharing‘, initially there was a fair bit of pushing and shoving going on:

Especially from Mike, the moody one at the back. He dived straight in just after I took this. Head first. No-one stood a chance. I put it down to over-excitement. Something Mike is prone to, truth be told.

As for the rest, it was all reasonably polite, particularly from those keen to get on camera like Dianne here who spent ages strutting her stuff on their bags:

Dianne’s always fancied herself as a Presenter, ideally a weather Presenter. Sadly, she’s not aging well so I think the moment has probably passed.

That said, she still gave it her all when the cameras were rolling:

Well embarrassing, especially as she was looking slightly panicked straight into the lens having chosen a rather tricky angle of approach. Give it up Dianne before you make a total tit of yourself.

Things got even better when one of the crew starting feeding us by hand. Even though it wasn’t on camera, we were keen to demonstrate the politer side of the pigeon so we queued up and waited in turn for a bite of the bread.

This is me, next in line after Terry:

All very civilised.

And here’s me again standing quietly giving it a wistful stare:

This approach seemed to work as I got a follow up hand of seed and was featured in several close ups.

Stuart, on the other hand, seen observing from behind, tried his own method.

Standing on one leg:

Needless to say, this didn’t work so well, particularly as he couldn’t hold it and fell off pretty much straight away.

Then Scottish Nigel just went straight for the snatch and grab:

And flew off with more than the rest of us put together.

There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

Anyway, I’m not sure when it’s going to be on, but watch out for a show about pigeons coz we’re all in it.

Have to say I was fucking stuffed at the end of the day. Back on the diet now. That’s it. I’m starting to feel my wing joints rubbing which is never a good sign.

January 19, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. pepys the pigeon replied:

    Hey Brian, fellow pigeon.I live in town too,wish I’d known about the seeds in St James yesterday.
    I’m fairly new to this blogging lark, still getting used to the keys and not slipping off them.
    Anyway,just introducing myself, tweet tweet matey, keep them wings flapping!

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    pepys: Back atchya kid.
    Your pal

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