Amanda Holden Jumped On By A Large Pigeon

Just heard that Britain’s Got Talent judge, Amanda Holden, got jumped by a six foot fame hungry needy nutter dressed as a pigeon. Thankfully, it was a nutter dressed as a pigeon and not an actual pigeon. She’d never have survived the rogering. You can read the story here. Cheers for sending it, Rabbit. Got me thinking though, Britain’s Got Talent and pigeons. Not sure I’ve ever seen a pigeon on the show. Anyone know any different, let me know. Reckon it would clean up. May have a word with The Pall Mall Collective. Then there’s Doug. Could always get him up there doing a bit of Shakespeare. He’d be up for it like a shot. Anything to be poncing around on a proper stage. I’ll get in touch with ITV. See what they say. Here’s Doug the other day in the snow doing a speech from Winter’s Tale, of course: “Satisfy! The entreaties of your mistress! satisfy! Let that suffice. I have trusted thee, Camillo, With all the nearest things to my heart, as well My chamber-councils, wherein, priest-like, thou Hast cleansed my bosom, I from thee departed” He wasn’t bad as it goes. Not sure the grumpy twat on the right was particularly impressed. Then again, the likelihood of Dulls ever getting Shakespeare is faintly ludicrous. When it comes down to it, they don’t get a vote on the night anyway so who gives a shit what they think.

January 7, 2011. Uncategorized.

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  1. Pigeon’s Got Talent | Pigeon Blog replied:

    […] thought about it briefly back in 2011 when a giant pigeon jumped on Amanda Holden, one of the judges on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. In fact, I went as far as emailing […]

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