Roy From Dog Judo’s Christmas Single

Remember my good pal Roy from Dog Judo?

The same Roy I interviewed last Easter…

Me and Roy, last Easter.

Well he’s only gone and done a Christmas single, and it rocks the big one.

In fact, have to confess I actually woke up with it in my head. That’s saying something for a pigeon so completely lacking in any kind of musical sensibility.

Much as I’m generally not a big fan of the dog as a rule, Roy aside of course, all proceeds from the single go to Battersea Dog’s Home which I guess is a good cause, particularly at this time of year.

Check it out here on iTunes. Even better, it’s only 79p so go buy it.

Judoooo I’m cryyyyying this Chriiiiiiiiisssstmaaaasssssss.

Bring it on.

Good work, Roy.

December 9, 2010. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Katherine replied:

    Let’s get Dog Judo to number one! Badger Scott Mills and the Capital FM radio show and any other stations you can think of! The song is brilliant and it’s all for a good cause, go Roy and Rexley 🙂

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