Wood Pigeons Have It Large

Increase in pigeon friendly internet cafs aside, ever feel like London’s a bit of a struggle?

With all that fresh air and country living, I’m beginning to think that Wood Pigeons have got it large. No wonder they look so smug.

Take this pair from Reigate, for example:

He’s having it large. Jesus.

Or this dude:

He’s having it large, I think…

Moving to the sticks. Food for thought.

Cheers to The Woodster for sending the pics.

Nice one.

September 5, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Bicoid Babe replied:

    I never knew wood pigeons were such hedonists! Do they enjoy everything else in life with such gusto?

  2. Investor Query replied:

    The second couple look much more in love than the first.

  3. Pigeon Rachel replied:

    ‘Investor Query’is my pseudonym, sorry for any confusion.

  4. Bicoid Babe replied:

    @Pigeon Rachel

    I agree, he’s blushing! Ah, young love is so wonderful!

  5. Becci replied:

    The second picture is adorable. The first is…er…well, I’d avert my eyes, but they don’t seem all that self-conscious.

  6. Frankie the Mankee mankster* replied:

    The first pic is just cork popping lust bruv.

    The second picture is Love , you can see it.

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