Pigeons Celebrate

Mo sent me this. Cheers Mo!

Pigeons everywhere have been celebrating. Not only are the skies totally empty of planes, they’re blue as well.

Mental. It’s every bird’s idea of paradise, and believe me, we’re milking it dry.

Not sure where this was taken but loving the raised high five. A tricky move at the best of times, particularly in water.

April 18, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Sean replied:

    Unfortunately left hanging with the high five… not to matter though, I guess when you have reason to celebrate – nothing gonna get you down huh?

  2. M@ replied:

    Spooky – I photographed the same group of pigeons on Saturday. Somerset House around 11am.

    Somerset House fountains and pigeons

    They were doing the same wing thing, but I didn’t get a good pic.

  3. absurdoldbird replied:

    Trouble with the wing thing is that rain in the armpit don’t arf tickle!

  4. Mo replied:

    Yep was Somerset house. Nothing but the best for the Brians. I should add this is a new term in my vocab. Those who know me now know what Oh look there’s a Brian doing blah means.

  5. pigeonblog replied:

    Sorry all for late response – see most recent post!

    Sean: Not really, apart from the return of planes to the sky.I’m not sure about the whole high five culture either.
    Your pal
    Bri P

    M@: Nice one. It’s a pigeon thing, especially at this time of year when we’ve not washed for a while due to the water being too fucking cold. Can’t remember the last time I did.
    Your pal

  6. pigeonblog replied:

    absurdoldbird: Damn straight. Another reason why we don’t do it that often.
    Your pal

    Mo: A bunch of Brians. Genius. Let’s get it going. Better than flying rats anyday. How rude is that?
    Your pal

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