Pigeons Like To Flock

Amazing how time flies, isn’t it? Unlike me, who hasn’t been flying at all. Nothing to do with the fact there’s a cloud of volcanic ash ‘drifting’ across the UK – WTF? Sometimes, I just can’t be arsed. Know what I mean? I wake up and think: “Know what? I’m staying put for the day. Right here. Not going anywhere.” And that’s exactly what I do. Thankfully, I’ve got Mart who is always up for doing the food shop. In truth, it’s never more than a couple of crumbs, or a bread corner if I’m lucky, but it does the trick.

Consequently, not a lot has happened in my world the last couple of days aside from summer coming and going, oh, and the volcanic ash.

As for the the headlines in the pigeon world, this is the biggie of the moment. The hot topic. The one everyone’s talking about. Cheers everyone for sending it!

A bunch of scientists in Hungary decided to strap GPS backpacks onto a bunch of pigeons to see how they flock. Funnily enough, they discovered that some pigeons take the lead, and others just follow. You don’t say. Jesus.

“Pigeon flocks use a leadership system in which every bird gets a “vote” say scientists from Oxford University and Eotovos University, Hungary.”

Do you want to tell them, or shall I? The only voting that goes on is when a pigeon with a shit sense of direction volunteers to take the lead. Some pigeons know where they’re going, and some don’t. Simple as. Some have bothered to sort directions, others haven’t. It’s more a question of pro activity than anything else. No fucking science in it whatsoever.

Anyway – here’s a picture of one of them sporting a backpack:

Weirdly, he appears strangely chuffed about the whole affair, which is odd seeing as he looks like a cock.


April 14, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Mo replied:

    Colour suits him though.

  2. Piccolopigeon replied:

    I don’t know…you could tuck away some snacks for later in that thing.

  3. pigeonblog replied:

    Mo: Yeah. He requested blue, apparently. It was a choice between that, and paisley.
    Your pal

    Piccolopigeon: Guess it would also come in handy for packing away a few crumbs too…
    Your pal

  4. absurdoldbird replied:

    Next they’ll be saying that pigeons target their shit in specific places. Though, we can hope, with the election coming up, that they actually do…

  5. Sean replied:

    Think it is a bit wrong of you to call him names. Frankly when the first man put on a pair of shorts he was likely called all kind of names. Why shouldnt he wear a backpack? It is the evolution of pigeons and the start of greater things to come.

    Pigeons have needs and the next step is likely some sneakers and perhaps a jock strap…. I think he looks ok. Good on the scientists for recognising that perhaps pigeons also want more than a stupid tag stuck on their leg…

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