Pigeon On A Urinal

The sun is shining over Soho Square. It’s Saturday.

What better thing to do than… sit on a urinal? WTF?

But that’s exactly what Philip decided to do:

“Phil, mate, what the fuck? Doesn’t it stink of piss up there?”

As it turns out, Phil’s nasal passages were damaged years ago after becoming trapped by the chord of a hairdryer.

“It was right next to a pile of shit. Nightmare. I was stuck there for hours. Couldn’t move.” He said. “Had to hold my breath for that long, nothing ever smelt the same again.”

Phil describes this affliction as a ‘gift’ as it means he has practically all of London’s urinals at his disposal.

“It’s great. Wherever I go, I can always find a place to sit. Sometimes, they can be quite warm too.”

Smell or no smell, mate, rather you than me!

February 20, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Piccolopigeon replied:

    I hope Phil bathes in hand sanitizer.

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Piccolopigeon: Good point. Bet his feet are riddled.
    Your pal

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