The New Ice Age

Okay – it’s official – we’re in the next ice age. Must be. Surely? I’ve never known it this cold. Not ever.

Check this out. This was the UK last week. Not taken my me, I hasten to add. Flying that high would clearly be massively life threatening and not to be advised under any circumstances:


Needless to say, broken beaks are becoming commonplace as we struggle to tuck into frozen leftovers. Some have even taken to eating grit, either accidentally or on purpose, not that there’s much of that left either. So – the picture is grim. I’ve hardly been out. Can’t be arsed to deal with the wing freeze. If only UGG could get its shit together and produce some booties for us pigeons. Now that would rock, and make for a far nicer (and safer) landing experience. Something like this, maybe, but smaller?

In the meantime, a pal sent me this. Richmond in the snow:

Nice. Soon as I can face the wind chill, I’ll be there.

January 10, 2010. Uncategorized.

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    Thank you for sharing, I really like

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